Here's the main thing I want to say...

My cousin, Richard posted this photo on Facebook last week, and I love it. It's my sister, Richard and me, cold chilling at my grandmother's pool - possibly/probably her birthday celebration - circa 1988-1989.

Here's what I love about this photo:

1. Look at how teeny tiny I was! I would have been 14 in this picture - the summer before high school. Also, nice tan!

2. I love the dress I'm wearing. We got it at Lord and Taylor, and it's probably one of my favorite pieces of clothing I have ever, ever owned.

3. Clearly, I am saying something really funny or interesting because both my cousin and sister are looking attentively at me.

4. I was in the process of growing out short hair, and I see now that I should have invested in headbands.

Happy, happy!