QuikPiks du Jour

I don't know, I think I have blogger's block. Brutal!

- I got to speak with a francophone customer on the phone today. She also speaks German, Italian and a flawless English. She spoke to me in French, and I got maybe 20% of what she was saying, so I employed the technique of the hard of hearing everywhere – inserting “aha” and a few neutral laughs. I was able to parler en Francais avec elle un peu and I’m sure she was totally unimpressed.

- Speaking of totally unimpressed, I trained two administrators this afternoon in what I thought was a good session, but before we logged off the call, I heard the woman say to her colleague, “Thank God that’s finally over with!” It’s called a mute button. I don’t blame you, I don’t disagree, but faceless voices on the phone have feelings too.

- I am getting stoked for 4th of July, and as usual, I’m going to earn this one. We have the end of the quarter looming, lots of training, even more on the horizon. And once the fun and games on the 4th are done, I have two weeks to plan and execute for our Alaska trip.

- Not that I need any new toys, but I am ordering one, anyway. I’m getting myself a Kindle for the trip and beyond. Text to voice, crisp pages, free old books, etc. Sweeeeet.

- Really, not that I need any clothes, but I’m getting myself a windbreaker for the trip as well. Green. Yeah!

- I did not win the $100 gift card they were giving away for some QA work at the office, but since one of my teammates did, I can’t grouse too much.

- I did get some good swag recently in the form of tickets to a Sounds Game. Free dinner at the picnic deck, good facetime with some C-Level execs, but it rained out by the 3rd inning. Oh well – it was worth it. Totally.

- I took a Water Aerobics class on Saturday – and while it was me and a bunch of older ladies, it still worked me out but good. I love Water Aerobics – I need to get back into that.

- Lola ate one of my 99 cent lipsticks. She was right, it was a little dark for me. I still liked it though.

- I'm kind of out of patience. I expect I'll get a refill eventually, but right now, I'm about to punch some whiners. Get over it, whiners!