And why not?

So, another fine weekend.

Matt's cousin Phillip came to visit, and we had a nice time walking, playing with Lola, and meeting up with another cousin, Jim, his girlfriend Anna, and Jim's daughter Brittany. Brit just moved here for Graduate School at Vanderbilt.

Plenty of good time with family. I want to get some furniture for our living room though. Inexplicably, rather than retire to the den, we ended up in a circle on the floor in the front room. Oh well.

Lola enjoyed the attention - Phillip is a dog lover like we are, and we had a fun time seeing what Nashville's canines were up to this weekend. He got to see Myrna and Honey - the Blue Ticks that live down the street - today on the way back from breakfast (at Fido, no less), we saw a harlequin Great Dane and an English Bulldog on the same block.

The only bad thing is that my new Birkenstocks are rubbing my ankles into a paste. Nice. I've worked them with saddle soap, and they're still injurious.

What's a girl to do?

And honestly, what else can I tell you?

Life is fine.