June is Bustin' Out All Over!

How did I only blog four times in May?

Hell, I don’t know, but better luck this month.

I just got back from a long Memorial Day weekend in the mountains. It rained nearly the entire trip, pausing only long enough for Work Day. My task was to clear the sides of the roads of brush and tiny pine seedlings. It took 2 hours. Matt helped build a bridge – his task took the full day. He was a big hit though, and everyone really likes him. They probably secretly wonder how he can be married to this bizarre woman and tolerate her liberal parents. Oh, what they do not know will not hurt them!

That said, it was a good trip, and I had fun watching Lola chase the Pugs, catch tennis balls, etc. Also, something ate the living hell out of me, and I’m covered in what appear to be spider bites. We’ll have to see.

I don’t enjoy the driving, and I was suitably nauseated as we whipped through the mountains. Next time, I’ll go by way of Atlanta and pick up Dad first.

And here we are, back in the saddle. Four days, but it may feel like an eternity by the time we’re done.

Matt’s family is in town this weekend, and that means I need to get cracking on cleaning house, beautifying the entry thereto, etc. I should also lay in some snacky things in case we have people over for entertainment purposes.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, as my summer is starting to fill up FAST. We’ve planned a trip to visit Matt’s cousins in Alaska, 4th of July I hope to take a few days (though one would be acceptable). Plus a possible trip to Chattanooga, an alleged canoe trip, and things like Father’s Day, a baby shower, and so on and so on.

Tempus Fugit!

And money flies, too. In fact, it’s a race to see which goes faster – my time or my money. Probably money.

I have to be honest with you, reader – I’m not feeling my usual cheerful self these days. I feel out of sorts, a little blue and I am clean out of patience.

This will probably come to bite me in the ass, but I can’t shake it. I know a few good hours at the Y would do a lot to drop kick me out of my funk. A massage would work even better, but my place closed due to the flood (same song, new verse).

For now, though – I’ll try to eat better, breathe deeply, exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize and laugh often.