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Snow. My. God.

It started snowing here this morning around ten. Matt and I planned to ditch work early and get down to Dalton. We learned early this morning that Matt's Aunt Flora had a heart attacked last night, and had to have a stent put in. She's fine, we are told. But she was in ICU and we needed to get down there.
But the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft a'gley. Which means that while we left work at 11 and 11:30 respectively, by the time we got home, we made a quick decision not to drive. Good call, as we found out 45 minutes later they'd shut down I-24 in Rutherford County. The family assure us we were fine to stay put.
After a quick walk to Portland Brew for some emergency coffee rations, we came home and I set up an impromptu office in the den. At five, I shut it down, and we've spent the evening in a kind of snowy stupor. I'd say we're at about 4 inches so far, and no end in sight. The snow moves out tomorrow around noon.
Because we'd got…


This was the kind of day that came in, kicked my ass and called me its bitch.

Our e mail servers were down for most of the day, and that's always rough.

I had two training classes, and they both wore me out.

I was singing the praises of my old boss, Joe, in the break room with a new guy who came from Joe's current company, and who also thinks highly of Joe. Right in the middle of this, my current boss walks in. Aaaawkward. How much he heard and absorbed, I don't know. He was perfectly pleasant to me the rest of the day, but you know, that review is hanging over me. Oh well. Not that I don't like my new boss, but...oh well. Speaking of the new boss...

I had an irate customer chew me out for not helping him. I was, for the record, willing to help, but he didn't like the fact that I wasn't going to bend or break rules for him to do it. I got my boss it intervene, and he finally got it through our customer's head that we do it the right way, or we don'…

Kiss my Ass…essment

So last week, we got a reminder that our annual performance reviews were coming up, and immediately, I felt dread. A sick feeling in my stomach and a sinking anxiety. The fact is, my review was basically lukewarm. A few areas for improvement, and it was essentially fair to a point, but a gross understatement of what I had done for the company last year, given the ridiculously adverse conditions. I also argued, factually, that my assessment didn’t take into account the January through July period when my current management team was not in place, and that while they could theoretically extrapolate, it wasn’t really what I’d call accurate. More like five-twelfths accurate.

I also felt that the process as a whole was disingenuous – I believe that our management team was given a budget for raises, and that they had to write the reviews based on the small amounts of money they parsed out to each person. In other words, I am definitely a 4 out of 5, but they only had the money to give me a 2…

Zzzipping through the weekend

Friday could not have come a minute too soon this week. Matt and I ushered in the evening with pizza, beer and a trip to Borders. We watched Conan's last Tonight Show (incredible), then some Jimmy Fallon - whom I like better as a Late Show host than I did in his time on SNL.
Saturday is a blur. Housework, housework...and then we met friends at Mafiaoza's for dinner. Special thanks to Joe and shouldn't have. After dinner, we hit downtown Music City for Karaoke at Lonnie's. For the record, I love Lonnie's. It's very low key, it's fun, and the woman behind the bar is probably Mom's age, but can dance and party like a twenty year old.
I myself am reminded that I am not now, nor will I ever be again, in my 20s. And that's OK. I offered to be the designated driver for me, Matt and our Mount Juliet crew. I had a beer with dinner (and a ton of pizza to soak it up), and that was it for me. The gents all drank a bit more than that, and fo…

Things Remembered

Dear David’s Bridal, Thanks for making bridesmaid dresses in the exact color I would have loved five years after my wedding. You call it Clover, I was calling it Margarita, and back then, all you had was celadon. So I went with BRIGHT TURQUOISE (aka Blue Topaz) from another vendor, and I’m sure my maids love me for it. It could be worse – I could have gotten my other favorite color, Sangria. Which, get this – David’s Bridal now carries – and they call it… SANGRIA. Ahead of my time, I tell you. And yes, had things gone to plan, my wedding colors would have been Margarita and Sangria. No nacho fountain. I mean, I do have some level of taste.

In other Bridal News…our local alternative weekly rag, the Nashville Scene, has an ad in it this week for a Bridal Brunch – inviting “affluent brides” to buy tickets for a champagne brunch where they can engage in relationships with some of the top vendors in Nashville. Sadly, the online version of the ad doesn’t limit to just the af…

When I woke up this morning, you were on my mind. And you were on my mind.

Thoughts for Tuesday:
- I've been craving meatloaf and so I made one for dinner - ambitious, since I worked until 7PM. I think I undercooked it, and I am now hoping that Matt and I don't end up with food poisoning. It is back in the oven where I will probably desiccate it. I really need to scale down my plans sometimes.
- The bastards at the Cracker Jack factory should be ashamed of themselves. Prizes these days suck. As good as technology is, why can't we put good prizes in Cracker Jacks? Come to think of it, in my lifetime, there have never been good prizes. Pull it together, or I'm converting to Crunch n Munch, Fiddle Faddle and/or Screaming Yellow Zonkers (for whenever I need something sugary and crunchy to get stuck between my teeth). I eat Cracker Jacks maybe twice a year, so how come the prize I got today- a picture of George Washington with a bio - is the same as I got last July? Fuck you, Cracker Jack people!
- Matt has been playing Bioshock - I gave it t…

I'm flexible...

Some years ago, I read a magazine article about new and interesting types of exercise classes, and there was a description for a type of exercise called Nia. Short for Neuromuscular Integrative Action, it’s also a Swahili word meaning “to move with purpose”. I remember reading that classes were all about the joy of movement and were done barefoot. This would have been the late 90’s in Atlanta, and try as I might, I didn’t find anywhere offering the classes.

So when I was killing time looking at the schedule at the Y last month, I noticed a Thursday night Nia class. And although it took me a few weeks to finally get to one, I think we have a winner. For starters, it was me and four other students. Nothing like a little personal attention – and a real contrast to not having enough space in Zumba class.

It’s kind of funny though – as I said, there were five of us – one guy, who actually sat out a lot – I think he’s recovering from an injury, either that or he digs watching women writhe aro…

Stylin' and Profilin'

There have been lots of race stories in the news as of late. Senator Reid publicly referred to Obama using the word "negro". Rod Blagojevich, a man whose 15 minutes should have ended a year ago claimed that he was "blacker than Obama". I'm willing to give Reid a pass - and not just because he's a Democrat, but because in the context of the quote, he wasn't being hateful, just misinformed and old-fashioned. I think Blago needs to just drop off the face of the Earth, the sooner the better. The Obama quote is just further proof.

In light of these sensitive times, I thought I'd share with you my latest story in race relations. In the mail today, I received a lovely catalog from a company called Ashro. I suspected when I saw it that I had been put on their mailing list because of my zip code (and possibly because I am a stylish woman of size). Why do I say that? Mainly because this was image on the cover of the catalog:

The captions indicated that Ashro of…

So, that’s weird…

I was on Facebook this morning when an old sorority sister of mine mentioned the birthday of another sister, who had died. I didn’t know that she had died, which, given my activity level on sorority things since 1997, is not especially surprising. Making things even more awkward, my last interactions with and impressions of said sister were less than favorable. Basically, she was kind of a bitch to me on several occasions, and I am sure that more than once I wished she would drop dead. Not very sisterly, I know. But I think we can safely say I was not the cause of her untimely death. Otherwise, the police would have come to see me. Right? What’s the statute of limitations on the evil eye? Let’s be clear, I am sorry that she died. Nobody deserves that. But I’m also sad that I don’t have a better memory of her to carry with me.

The fact is, in any sorority, there are bound to be bitchy, catty, mean women – and it’s in the eye of the beholder. I know some people hated me – …

Thursday Ramble

A few randoms to pad out my posts for January:

- I work with people who say "liberry" and "mute point" on a daily basis. Come on! There's a reason people make fun of those of us who live in Tennessee.

- So it kind of half-ass snowed today. It didn't start snowing til around 11:00AM, but one of my colleagues called out at 6:00 AM. Really? OK, to be fair, his kid's daycare closed, but the same guy was making a big fuss out of contingency plans ever since the forecast predicted snow on Monday. I don't mind that you took off, but please, don't insult me and pretend it wasn't highly premeditated. The odds are on him calling out tomorrow as well. I like a snow day more than most, but really? Really?

- The more I look at my picture I painted, the more I realize I'll be going to an art supply store soon to buy some toys for myself.

- I called my Dad the other day and he asked for a recipe of mine that I fixed for him once. Nothing makes m…

More Artsy, Less Fartsy

So, last night, we went to Paint Plus Canvas where, for $25 we received paint, plus canvas, plus this lovely British woman named June who walked us through the steps of painting a happy, colorful picture.

At some point early in the night, I uttered the Allison Credo - “We Bring Fun With Us”. And boy, did we. In this case, we ended up being me, Natae and Erin, co-workers with a flair for conversation, laughter and joy. We had a ball, prepping our canvasses, drinking a little Prosecco, and making poppies pop onto a blue background. June encouraged everyone and I hope that everyone felt just as much like an artist as I did.

Two hours and change passed faster than I’d have realized, and when all was said and done, Erin, Natae and I had finished worked of art. The subject was the same, but each painting was different. I loved the subject and the color palette – as I’m sure you can tell, I used every crayon in the box, as it were.

So if you live in the Nashville Area – check out http://www.pai…

Hazy Shade of Winter

The temperature here in Nashville this week is in the mid-teens at night, and basically doubling in the course of the day – it hasn’t been above freezing in at least three days, and they’re predicting snowfall later this week. Which, for anyone who lives in the South is cause to go completely apeshit and buy lots of groceries at Kroger. I’d love to say I’m immune to the hype, but I bought a few extra cans of soup, some crackers and cheese – some very basic shit to get us through should all of Nashville shut down for a day or two.

There are other pitfalls to weather this cold. My skin, which is dry on a good day, looks like it’s been coated in chalk dust. I have to be vigilant with lotion or risk having Matt tell me that holding my hand feels like he’s holding a lizard. He means well.

Additionally, as I was typing this, my nose started spontaneously bleeding. It happens. Actually, from where I sit, it happens rarely. I remember right before my wedding – like a week before, it hap…