More Artsy, Less Fartsy

So, last night, we went to Paint Plus Canvas where, for $25 we received paint, plus canvas, plus this lovely British woman named June who walked us through the steps of painting a happy, colorful picture.

At some point early in the night, I uttered the Allison Credo - “We Bring Fun With Us”. And boy, did we. In this case, we ended up being me, Natae and Erin, co-workers with a flair for conversation, laughter and joy. We had a ball, prepping our canvasses, drinking a little Prosecco, and making poppies pop onto a blue background. June encouraged everyone and I hope that everyone felt just as much like an artist as I did.

Two hours and change passed faster than I’d have realized, and when all was said and done, Erin, Natae and I had finished worked of art. The subject was the same, but each painting was different. I loved the subject and the color palette – as I’m sure you can tell, I used every crayon in the box, as it were.

So if you live in the Nashville Area – check out

We’re going back with a gaggle of friends soon!

Special Thanks to Natae for the use of her photos!