Things Remembered

Dear David’s Bridal, Thanks for making bridesmaid dresses in the exact color I would have loved five years after my wedding. You call it Clover, I was calling it Margarita, and back then, all you had was celadon. So I went with BRIGHT TURQUOISE (aka Blue Topaz) from another vendor, and I’m sure my maids love me for it. It could be worse – I could have gotten my other favorite color, Sangria. Which, get this – David’s Bridal now carries – and they call it… SANGRIA. Ahead of my time, I tell you. And yes, had things gone to plan, my wedding colors would have been Margarita and Sangria. No nacho fountain. I mean, I do have some level of taste.

In other Bridal News…our local alternative weekly rag, the Nashville Scene, has an ad in it this week for a Bridal Brunch – inviting “affluent brides” to buy tickets for a champagne brunch where they can engage in relationships with some of the top vendors in Nashville. Sadly, the online version of the ad doesn’t limit to just the affluent, but it struck me as hilarious. Budgeting Brides, stay home!

Speaking of being thrifty, the handle to the lid of my Crock Pot gave out a few years ago. I replaced it, rather ingeniously, with a wooden knob drawer pull. That too, has crapped out on me. I have a roast cooking today, so I covered the knob hole with a piece of aluminum foil and duct taped it on there. I logged on to Rival’s website, and while you can buy replacement parts, they a) only seem to sell the lid, and b) even though they sell the lid, every single lid on every model, every color is out of stock, Time to get creative again. Or… time to up the ante and buy a new programmable Crock Pot? Well, there’s a site that sells 2 after-market handles for $5.99, so that may be the answer. Until you realize it’s $6.95 to ship. Ouch. I think I’ll be hitting up Home Depot some lunch hour in the near future. Why does everything in this world have to be so disposable?

Also, I hope the roast ends up being good. I got it on the cheap at Kroger yesterday, and threw it in the aforementioned slow-cooking device with some chipotles in adobo sauce, green and yellow bell pepper, carrots, onions and some red wine. Oh, and cumin. I’m not excited about it, but it was cheap, it’ll be ready when I get home, and most importantly, it should be cooked to shreds, so no food poisoning for me and Matt. The meatloaf didn’t make us sick, incidentally. I am making it into a sandwich for tomorrow.

Dear Customers, I spend a lot of time on the phone, and I do mean, a lot. I’m pretty chill, but even I have my limits. Please don’t eat or chew gum while we’re talking because the sound of your smacky mouth gets amplified and sounds pretty gross. I try to mute if I’m taking a sip of water or if I need to clear my throat, so… you know, bring your A Game.

We’re having a thunderstorm in January. I try not to get overly hung up on omens and symbolism, but my memory is long and paranoid. Last January thunderstorm that I can remember was followed by a few shitty days… let’s hope that this one brings joy, laugher, and hell, why not? Cash flow.

And that’s really it from here.