This was the kind of day that came in, kicked my ass and called me its bitch.

Our e mail servers were down for most of the day, and that's always rough.

I had two training classes, and they both wore me out.

I was singing the praises of my old boss, Joe, in the break room with a new guy who came from Joe's current company, and who also thinks highly of Joe. Right in the middle of this, my current boss walks in. Aaaawkward. How much he heard and absorbed, I don't know. He was perfectly pleasant to me the rest of the day, but you know, that review is hanging over me. Oh well. Not that I don't like my new boss, but...oh well. Speaking of the new boss...

I had an irate customer chew me out for not helping him. I was, for the record, willing to help, but he didn't like the fact that I wasn't going to bend or break rules for him to do it. I got my boss it intervene, and he finally got it through our customer's head that we do it the right way, or we don't do it.

I busted out a great meal in record time for dinner (thanks, generic Bisquick), and now I'm relaxing. I spent 30 minutes trying to come up with a status update for Facebook before realizing I have nothing clever or witty to say.

For now...

But maybe if I get a decent night's sleep.