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Friendships true, we offer you, you, you...

This weekend my sorority, Sigma Kappa, celebrates its 50th Year on the UGA Campus.

To give you some context, while that is a big deal for my chapter, within the sororosphere at UGA, we're spring chicks.

The first sorority at UGA (Phi Mu) showed up in 1921.  There are currently 17 sororities at Georgia; only two of those arrived after Sigma Kappa.  One in 1968, another in 1983.

When I was in school there was an 18th sorority.  It closed due to low numbers for a few years, and it (Delta Phi Epsilon) comes back this year.  The next year, UGA gets its first new sorority in 34 years (Alpha Phi).

So, anyway - 50 years at UGA is pretty amazing.  Especially because, let's get real - UGA is steeped in Southern Tradition.

Sigma Kappa was founded in Waterville, Maine in 1874.  It doesn't have the ginormo national presence of a Zeta Tau Alpha or an Alpha Delta Pi.

How I ended up as a sorority girl is kind of a long story.  I registered for Rush at my parents' behest, so that I'…

Distracted Thriving

So, apparently, I have issues.  I've been a little distracted - that's how I managed to post a blank, untitled blog entry two days ago.  I had no idea I had done it.

I have a new product I start training on Tuesday.  And I do NOT feel ready.  At all.

But it's all good.  I'll fake it til I make it.

I do need to pack, and that's painful.

My sweet puppy is headed to bootcamp to get some training this weekend.

And that's pretty well it.  I'm tired.  I'm ready for the weekend.

I would love a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut.  But that's not happening.

Oh well.

I'm simple, yet complex.



There's an old joke about two Southern women who meet up at a reunion.  The first one brags of her time in college, her marriage to a wealthy man, her world travels, her perfect kids, her many material possessions.

At each interval, the second woman coos, "Well isn't that nice?"

Finally, the first woman asks what the second has been up to.  She explains that she's been to finishing school where she has learned to respond with  "Well isn't that nice?" rather than, "Why don't you go fuck yourself?"

I'm kind of in "nice" mode.

There are so many places/times I want to tell people what I really think, and all I can do is either bite my lip in a big way, or... murmur platitudes.

Meanwhile, there's Piper.  Loveable, loving, love on four legs.

She's so freaking cute.  And funny and smart and furry and fierce.

I really need to get her the Emotional Support Animal vest and take her into the office with me.

If she growls at …

Me and my shadow

I'm enjoying a weekend with my beasto.  She's starting to feel at home here, which is good.  The bad part to that is that we have decided to send her to boarding school for a few weeks to get trained.

I hate doing it, but the fact is, for one of the two weeks, I won't even be here - I'll be training with a customer in Columbus, GA.  And by the way, it's going to be a complete and total disaster, as it's the first time I will ever train on a product I have spent the last several months learning.

So, I mean, I'll muddle through it, but I'm not expecting miracles.

That said, it's better for Miss Piper to be getting some socialization and education while I am slaving over a hot mess of a customer training in the middle of  Can't-Fly-There, Georgia.

In fact, right now my whole end of March/beginning of April is starting to look like a large, hot mess.

Who wouldn't be stoked about that?

So I'm going to spend as much time with the pup as I can.

One Hit Wonder

So, there's a band out of Atlanta, GA called Starbuck. You can read about them on Wikipedia, if you care to.

The point is, back in 1976, they had a song that made it to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

That song is called Moonlight Feels Right.  I actually met the keyboardist, whose ring tone was the trill played at the refrain (Moonlight/keyboard trill/Feels Right/keyboard trill).

When Lola was alive, we made up new lyrics to the rhyming refrain:


Has Fur.

Sort 'er.

Which was funny, because she did not have a ton of fur.

So I made a rhyme for Piper.


Has Fur.

Fer shur.

And I got vetoed.  Matt rewrote it :


Has hair.


And man, does she.  While I waited for dinner to cook, I did some sweeping.  For a dog we've had less than 2 months, old girl is certainly leaving her hirsute calling card.

And because of the length of her coat, and the color, and the texture, there's a vague pubic feel to her shedding.  Which amuses me to no end.

So, enjoy…

Playing Catsup

So.  It's been a hot minute.

Not much new here - we've had a metric fuckton of shit weather.  Snow, ice, bitter cold. 

But we're on the tail end of that and Spring is definitely in the air.

Things with with dog are good.  We got her a Gentle Leader head collar, and it's like walking a completely different animal.

We also got her DNA results.  One one side, she's scrambled eggs.  One purebred great grandparent - a Boxer - and from there a mix -with things like dachshund and coon hound thrown in there.

On the other side, she's a 50/50 mix.  Of American Staffordshire Terrier and...


So this:

Plus this:

Plus a little of this: 

And  a ton of this:

Gives us this:

I assure you, we were all surprised as you are.

Work is OK.  Lots of travel.  But not bad.

Be good, and good at it.


Marching on

there is a question that often gets asked in sales meetings with a salesperson ask the customer, quotation mark what's keeping you up at night? &quot

What's keeping me up at the moment is wondering if my flight from California to Atlanta to Nashville it's going to get cancelled. so far so good.

The weather this winter has been horrific I'm so tired of it. I'm ready for anything with this.

Since I'm lying in bed at 1:42 a.m. Pacific time, I don't really feel like typing. So I'm using voice recognition to quote on quote right this blog post.

My plan is to publish it without changing anything of the voice recognition software put in here I'm not entirely sure, whether this will make total sense once published. But at least it will show you how smart my smartphone is.

The other point that I would make here, is that even though I would like to thank my exit is on floor in neutral, what we can see is that apparently the software thanks I'm avail a…