One Hit Wonder

So, there's a band out of Atlanta, GA called Starbuck. You can read about them on Wikipedia, if you care to.

The point is, back in 1976, they had a song that made it to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

That song is called Moonlight Feels Right.  I actually met the keyboardist, whose ring tone was the trill played at the refrain (Moonlight/keyboard trill/Feels Right/keyboard trill).

When Lola was alive, we made up new lyrics to the rhyming refrain:


Has Fur.

Sort 'er.

Which was funny, because she did not have a ton of fur.

So I made a rhyme for Piper.


Has Fur.

Fer shur.

And I got vetoed.  Matt rewrote it :


Has hair.


And man, does she.  While I waited for dinner to cook, I did some sweeping.  For a dog we've had less than 2 months, old girl is certainly leaving her hirsute calling card.

And because of the length of her coat, and the color, and the texture, there's a vague pubic feel to her shedding.  Which amuses me to no end.

So, enjoy the video.  The song is the same age as me, and we've both held up well.



I just heard that song on satellite radio! I love all of your alternate versions. And I'm totally glad I'm not the only who makes up song parodies about her dog.