Playing Catsup

So.  It's been a hot minute.

Not much new here - we've had a metric fuckton of shit weather.  Snow, ice, bitter cold. 

But we're on the tail end of that and Spring is definitely in the air.

Things with with dog are good.  We got her a Gentle Leader head collar, and it's like walking a completely different animal.

We also got her DNA results.  One one side, she's scrambled eggs.  One purebred great grandparent - a Boxer - and from there a mix -with things like dachshund and coon hound thrown in there.

On the other side, she's a 50/50 mix.  Of American Staffordshire Terrier and...


So this:

Plus this:

Plus a little of this: 

And  a ton of this:

Gives us this:

I assure you, we were all surprised as you are.

Work is OK.  Lots of travel.  But not bad.

Be good, and good at it.