Me and my shadow

I'm enjoying a weekend with my beasto.  She's starting to feel at home here, which is good.  The bad part to that is that we have decided to send her to boarding school for a few weeks to get trained.

I hate doing it, but the fact is, for one of the two weeks, I won't even be here - I'll be training with a customer in Columbus, GA.  And by the way, it's going to be a complete and total disaster, as it's the first time I will ever train on a product I have spent the last several months learning.

So, I mean, I'll muddle through it, but I'm not expecting miracles.

That said, it's better for Miss Piper to be getting some socialization and education while I am slaving over a hot mess of a customer training in the middle of  Can't-Fly-There, Georgia.

In fact, right now my whole end of March/beginning of April is starting to look like a large, hot mess.

Who wouldn't be stoked about that?

So I'm going to spend as much time with the pup as I can.

Piper overseeing my laptop usage

And then, we send her to the trainer, which I hope doesn't undo all her trust and love.

Cleary, I have plenty to worry about.

And that's good, because it takes my mind off the anniversary of Dad's death.

Ha!  KIDDING - nothing can take my mind off that.  Womp WOMMMMMP!

I had a pile of sympathy cards that I was planning to get rid of today.  I thought I was ready.

I'm not ready.

I'm glad I have Piper.  I just wish she'd be with me on the 23rd, and that I wouldn't be traveling, and that I weren't so terrified to train something new.