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In my mind.

I like to think of myself as a tastemaker.

You may ask, "Allison, how does one become a tastemaker?"

I would tell you that a tastemaker isn't something you become, it's something you've always been.

Or is that a Chi Omega?

I don't know.  I got cut by them after the first round of Rush (see also, Phi Mu, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Chi Omega, Tri Delta, Delta Zeta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Delta and Gamma Phi Beta).  Look, I was a Panhellenic disaster.  We don't really need to get into it - you can only pledge one, and that's what I did - never mind the other 17.

The point is, I'm a tastemaker, dammit.  If only in the Jasmine of my Mind.

What are some things I think are fabulous at the moment?

There's a show on Comedy Central right now that I'm in love with. Key & Peele:

 I think they're so damn funny - and topical without being preachy, and smart and funny.  Watch them, and laugh.  Laugh hard.

In the food realm, I'm do…

On being an adult.

I can't tell you the first time I thought, "Damn, I'm an adult".

I can tell you I didn't think it the first time I made a paycheck, or the first time I had a period, or had sex.  I didn't feel it when I turned 13 or 16 or 18 or 21. Or 25.  Or 30.  Jeez.

I felt it a little the day I cast my first ballot.  I felt it a little when I did my own taxes for the first time.  And when I moved out of my parents house.  And when I got Lola.  Went on my first business trip.

And when I got engaged, got married, moved to Nashville, changed my name...

When Dad has his heart attack, and I helped find his rehab facility.    When I had to have Lola euthanized.

And on it goes.

What I'm saying is that I've grown up in increments, over a lifetime.

I remember thinking, as a kid, that when I was grown up, it would be awesome, because I would be able to eat cookie dough for dinner if I wanted to.

It's been a good while since I've done that, to be honest with you.


Fake it til ya make it.

So, a little under a week ago, I went to see the doctor and she put me back on lisinopril for the blood pressure and upped my dose on Effexor.

I'm not sure that I'm seeing a ton of improvement, but on the other hand, maybe I am.

I can tell you this.  I spent much of Saturday asleep.  It was awesome.

I know that at least a small part of my condition is that I am flat out tired.

I'm also a little lazy/undermotivated, which the change in meds should help.  Right?  Here's hoping.

Although I was lazy Saturday, Sunday I got it in gear - went to Zumba at the Y, did a little laundry, went grocery shopping - you know - all the stuff cool kids do over the weekends.

I went to Zumba again last night - two days in a row - go, me!

As of this morning, my BP is still elevated, so I called and left a message with the nurse.  So we'll see.

I'm waiting for a hair salon in Atlanta to open so I can see about making an appointment for when I'm down there.  I've got a serious…


I took two Benadryl last night and went to bed around 9:30.  I got up at 6:45, spent the rest of the day feeling vague and fuzzy.

Like I was all hepped up on goofballs:

That said, everything here is pretty good.  I had one really obnoxious call this morning with a customer who kind of makes me nuts.  He doesn't want to do his own work because he's so busy.  He's willing to pay us to do it - and that's great, but I really want to refuse and show him he can't buy his way out of taking ownership.

Not my decision to make.

So, February 13th was a special day in the Canon of Lola.  It's the date, in 1999, when my parents found her and brought her to me.

Best early Valentine ever.

I didn't do anything special to mark the day, and other than mention it this post, I won't.  She knows I love her, wherever she is.

My father is coming home from his rehab facility on  Sunday.  I'm stoked!

Other than that.  Nada.

More or less.



Why am I up at 2:30 AM?

Stellar question.  Well, let's see.

Basically heartburn.

We had Mexican for dinner.  Why?  Because I came home early from Pittsburgh. And I didn't feel like cooking, and I chose the path of least resistance.  And queso.  Which is simultaneously always and never a great idea.

And now, I feel like I've swallowed acid and glass shards, and I'm sitting up with some Alka Seltzer trying to push through it.

I have, in terms of my health and well-being, hit rock bottom.  I thought I had hit it a few months back, but as it turns out, I still had a few feet to fall.

Today, well, in about 12 hours, actually, I'm going to the doctor.  I need to get back on blood pressure meds.

Yeah, that's awesome.

I also plan to just lay it out for her and ask for help.

The worst she can say is that I'm beyond helping, but in my heart of hearts, I know that's not true.

But I'm done feeling like total garbage.  I should be sleeping at 2AM.  Not up worryi…

Sour grapes, but at least I'm eating them...

I don't, for a number of reasons, follow The Biggest Loser on NBC.  I mean, I've watched it, I think it's vaguely entertaining, but ... meh.

Yesterday though, the innerwebs were blowing up about the most recent winner, so I read a few articles.

Here's the, heh, skinny.

This gal named Rachel won by dropping half her body weight - well, more than half, to be fair:

And apparently, some people think she went too far.  I'm going to fall squarely in the camp of "some people".

I would say that I look at both pictures and I don't see a healthy woman in either of them.

No, she wasn't doing herself any good at 250.  But tell me the one on the right doesn't scream EATING DISORDER.

She went from a size 20 to a size 0/2.  In about four months.  I can only assume she peed blood, like a lot of other contestants (look it up).

Would I rather look like After than Before?  I don't know - I'd settle on a happy medium.

Also, can we agree that with a spray …

Are you friends with Dionne?

Two of my girlfriends went to have a Tarot reading recently, and both claimed they walked away feeling better for having done so.

I'm no stranger to having readings of all sizes, shapes and colors.  I had my past lives read - I was a hooker in every life before the last two.  I was a Viet Cong in my last life - got shot in the head by an American soldier.

I've had tarot, coins, palms and crystals read.  I had a psychic in Old Town Alexandria, VA offer to unblock my chakras, for a fee.  She was so spot on about some very specific, strange stuff going on in my life that had I had the money, I'd have given it to her.  I later learned that having sex or taking a bath can unblock your chakras, so good thing I didn't pay her.

So, yeah - I'm a little new-agey.  I've worn crystals (I've also eaten Krystals which will unblock not only your chakras, but your intestines to boot).  I've engaged in aromatherapy.  And I've paid psychics.

My friends' experienc…