Are you friends with Dionne?

Two of my girlfriends went to have a Tarot reading recently, and both claimed they walked away feeling better for having done so.

I'm no stranger to having readings of all sizes, shapes and colors.  I had my past lives read - I was a hooker in every life before the last two.  I was a Viet Cong in my last life - got shot in the head by an American soldier.

I've had tarot, coins, palms and crystals read.  I had a psychic in Old Town Alexandria, VA offer to unblock my chakras, for a fee.  She was so spot on about some very specific, strange stuff going on in my life that had I had the money, I'd have given it to her.  I later learned that having sex or taking a bath can unblock your chakras, so good thing I didn't pay her.

I think I see the problem - you have a huge orange ball in your navel.

So, yeah - I'm a little new-agey.  I've worn crystals (I've also eaten Krystals which will unblock not only your chakras, but your intestines to boot).  I've engaged in aromatherapy.  And I've paid psychics.

My friends' experiences led me to thinking I would benefit from a reading.  I did a little research and found a woman in Nashville who can communicate with pets.  Even the dead ones.  Naturally, I'm on it.  I hope to see her next time I have a few days in town.

In the interim, I mentioned her to Mom, who reminded me that this weekend was the Big Psychic Fair in my hometown.  The first weekend of each month, the Harmony Center hosts a group of readers to come and ply their trade.  $15 for a reading, or 2/$25.  A bargain.  Bargain!

So, Mom and I popped in and each had a little 20 minute sesh with our chosen medium.

I don't really need to go into detail.  Suffice it to say, she helped me by telling me what I needed to hear - which is stuff that is innately true, but just needed to be expressed out loud.

When and if I go see the Dead Dog Whisperer, I'll spill it in great detail.  Unless, as it turns out, Lola has nothing but bad things to say.