Sour grapes, but at least I'm eating them...

I don't, for a number of reasons, follow The Biggest Loser on NBC.  I mean, I've watched it, I think it's vaguely entertaining, but ... meh.

Yesterday though, the innerwebs were blowing up about the most recent winner, so I read a few articles.

Here's the, heh, skinny.

This gal named Rachel won by dropping half her body weight - well, more than half, to be fair:

Even Jillian was all, "Girl, drink this melted Crisco!"

And apparently, some people think she went too far.  I'm going to fall squarely in the camp of "some people".

I would say that I look at both pictures and I don't see a healthy woman in either of them.

No, she wasn't doing herself any good at 250.  But tell me the one on the right doesn't scream EATING DISORDER.

She went from a size 20 to a size 0/2.  In about four months.  I can only assume she peed blood, like a lot of other contestants (look it up).

Would I rather look like After than Before?  I don't know - I'd settle on a happy medium.

Also, can we agree that with a spray tan, hair done, make up and a SMILE (really?), the gal on the left would rival the one one the right for many, many people.

Including me.

The moral, I think is love yourself at any size.

Eat right, exercise.

And because it rhymes, I now have a new mantra.



I don't really see how losing that much weight in four months can be healthy or sustainable. And I agree that the main problem with the picture on the left isn't the weight - it's the fact that she looks sad and apathetic. I hope she put as much effort into her inside as her outside, or that 1000-watt smile won't last long.