Fake it til ya make it.

So, a little under a week ago, I went to see the doctor and she put me back on lisinopril for the blood pressure and upped my dose on Effexor.

I'm not sure that I'm seeing a ton of improvement, but on the other hand, maybe I am.

I can tell you this.  I spent much of Saturday asleep.  It was awesome.

I know that at least a small part of my condition is that I am flat out tired.

I'm also a little lazy/undermotivated, which the change in meds should help.  Right?  Here's hoping.

Although I was lazy Saturday, Sunday I got it in gear - went to Zumba at the Y, did a little laundry, went grocery shopping - you know - all the stuff cool kids do over the weekends.

I went to Zumba again last night - two days in a row - go, me!

As of this morning, my BP is still elevated, so I called and left a message with the nurse.  So we'll see.

I'm waiting for a hair salon in Atlanta to open so I can see about making an appointment for when I'm down there.  I've got a serious overgrowth that need pruning.  Also, my hair is too long.

Look, I have nothing of merit to say - so let's leave it at that for now.