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Please move to the center of the vehicle.

We're going down to Dalton this weekend to visit with family.

And, to watch a recreation of the Battle of Chickamauga.

Here's what I know about the Battle of Chickamauga:


Anyway... I'm having trouble trying to figure out what to wear to this event.  My two favorite weekend t-shirts are wholly unsuitable.  They're both highly celebratory of African Americans in politics and entertainment.

I'm not ashamed of this.  I love both President Obama and W. Kamau Bell and I don't care who knows it.

But, I do care about not getting harassed or hassled for my sartorial choices.  And I want my family to have a pleasant outing.


What to wear, what to wear?


Monday, I head to Sheboygan!

And then next Sunday, I head to Chicago!

And then I'm going to take a nap.


Looks like I get an early reprieve from the grind that is BFE, Ohio.

It's a good thing.

I have a slight sore throat from cool weather, a baseball game and lack of sleep.

I am definitely tired, from lack of sleep, which for me, always manifests in my gut.  I get so queasy, gassy, bloaty from not sleeping.

I also just feel draggy.

I need to get some laundry done - find my black pants that fit, get everything in a suitcase...and if I could pick up a few new tops with slightly longer sleeves...  and remember to pick up my raincoat from the office. 

And if I could be less awkward and quieter, and think before I speak, and not take advice from candy bars, that'd be awesome.

The good news is...

I'm flying home today!

The rest is gravy.

Hmmmm... gravy.

Oh, and I need to stop eating my feelings.


I get so emotional baby...

So, I'm traveling this week, which has become more the rule than the exception.

I need to figure out a way to take better care of myself when traveling - I find that I don't tend to eat as well, get enough sleep, stay hydrated.

Basically I need to flex whatever self-nurture muscle I have and keep working it.

I drove from somewhere East of Toledo, OH to Detroit, MI tonight to see a ballgame.  My colleague asked me a simple yes or no question, I think just to be polite.

Forty-five minutes later, after giving him the synopsis of a fifteen year span, including some pretty deep shit about the Universe's Vending Machine, I wound down by finally answering the question,
"So, yeah, eventually we'll get another dog...".

Going back to the self-nurturing, I also tend, when I'm in this sort of run-down mode, to buy into the manipulative ways of people who do not deserve my energy.  So I need to learn to be better at identifying and avoiding the people who are sucking…

Jelly Maven Doesn't Sugarcoat It

For immediate release:

September 8, 2013
Nashville, TN

Allison Everett of Nashville is boiling...mad.

Loyal readers may remember that last year, Allison wrote an e mail to the powers that be asking why her jelly was returned to her unopened.

This year, she learned that the rules now explicitly state that jelly will not be opened in judging.

Additionally, in past years, canning entries were not charged a fee.  This year, the State Fair began charging a $2 per entry fee.  In addition, for registering online, Allison was docked a $2 "Convenience Fee".

When she arrived at the fair to drop off her entries (pepper jelly and for the first time, strawberry jam), she learned that the online entries had not properly been accounted for, and no hang tags had been created.  She was asked to fill out the paperwork for a second time.  Mrs. Everett asked why she was charged a convenience fee if she herself was going to be inconvenienced.  Tags were hastily handwritten and put on her entries…


I had an atomic meltdown last night.  It started with ice cream, and ended in tears.  As these things will.

I cried it out, slept like a rock dropped in mud, and woke up early enough to score decent boarding for tomorrow's flight.

Today is laundry.  And housework.

And deep cleansing breaths.

I also need to pack a bag for Seattle, and figure out something to wear.  Which means I should probably check the weather.

Happy Labor Day.

A is for...

So, this weekend has been a real pip.

We have turned one wall of our den calico trying to figure out a color to paint it.  I think we finally have a winner - something that's called "Lap Pool".  I still prefer Faded Denim, but at this point he's Adamant, I'm ready to Acquiesce.  I will be using the leftover samples for a craft project to be named later.

So A is for Agitated.

A is also for Accident-Prone and Awkward.  On my most recent trip to Home Depot, I snagged a hanging display of Aerosol paints with my cart, sending them rolling onto the floor.  One detonated and sent paint flying. 

I was Apologetic, which is another A word.

A is also for Aggrieved and Afflicted.  I pulled into the Kroger parking lot this afternoon for my weekly shopping trip, and in the Automobile next to me was a young man in the driver seat with his window down, cuddling a sweet little Pomeranian puppy.

I got out and said to him, "They grow up so fast."   I asked the little pup…