A is for...

So, this weekend has been a real pip.

We have turned one wall of our den calico trying to figure out a color to paint it.  I think we finally have a winner - something that's called "Lap Pool".  I still prefer Faded Denim, but at this point he's Adamant, I'm ready to Acquiesce.  I will be using the leftover samples for a craft project to be named later.

Aqua or Aster, Anyone?

So A is for Agitated.

A is also for Accident-Prone and Awkward.  On my most recent trip to Home Depot, I snagged a hanging display of Aerosol paints with my cart, sending them rolling onto the floor.  One detonated and sent paint flying. 


I was Apologetic, which is another A word.

A is also for Aggrieved and Afflicted.  I pulled into the Kroger parking lot this afternoon for my weekly shopping trip, and in the Automobile next to me was a young man in the driver seat with his window down, cuddling a sweet little Pomeranian puppy.

I got out and said to him, "They grow up so fast."   I asked the little pup's name.  Simba.  I told his owner he was Adorable and walked into the store as a few fat tears fell down my face.  I'm such a sucker for beasties.  And I've been missing mine.

A is for the late great Amicalola Moonshine Kennedy Breyer Everett.  Amicable Animal.

Assez!  Which French for enough.  I'm going to go make some soup. 

Breaking Bad comes on in a few hours - it doesn't start with A, but what it kicks (Ass), does.