Looks like I get an early reprieve from the grind that is BFE, Ohio.

It's a good thing.

I have a slight sore throat from cool weather, a baseball game and lack of sleep.

I am definitely tired, from lack of sleep, which for me, always manifests in my gut.  I get so queasy, gassy, bloaty from not sleeping.

I also just feel draggy.

I need to get some laundry done - find my black pants that fit, get everything in a suitcase...and if I could pick up a few new tops with slightly longer sleeves...  and remember to pick up my raincoat from the office. 

And if I could be less awkward and quieter, and think before I speak, and not take advice from candy bars, that'd be awesome.

Keep eating candy, bitch, and no one gets hurt.

The good news is...

I'm flying home today!

The rest is gravy.

Hmmmm... gravy.

Oh, and I need to stop eating my feelings.