I get so emotional baby...

So, I'm traveling this week, which has become more the rule than the exception.

I need to figure out a way to take better care of myself when traveling - I find that I don't tend to eat as well, get enough sleep, stay hydrated.

Basically I need to flex whatever self-nurture muscle I have and keep working it.

I drove from somewhere East of Toledo, OH to Detroit, MI tonight to see a ballgame.  My colleague asked me a simple yes or no question, I think just to be polite.

Forty-five minutes later, after giving him the synopsis of a fifteen year span, including some pretty deep shit about the Universe's Vending Machine, I wound down by finally answering the question,
"So, yeah, eventually we'll get another dog...".

Going back to the self-nurturing, I also tend, when I'm in this sort of run-down mode, to buy into the manipulative ways of people who do not deserve my energy.  So I need to learn to be better at identifying and avoiding the people who are sucking the life out of me and not letting them suck.

There's a sucker born every minute, after all.

And BT dubs - the ballgame was great.  I ate a ton of junk food to really feed into that bloaty gassy feeling I've had for the past two days.

I also had a great beer.

And a great time.

And to my poor colleague, who was subjected to 3 hours with me in the car, giving my one woman show... admit it, I'm just about ready for Off, off, off Broadway.