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For reals...

It's the last day of October, and it's hot as balls. I'm sitting on my front porch with a pot full of candy. Literally, the pot in which I usually cook chili holds my candy stash. Because I'm not the girl with a special Halloween Candy Bowl. I am not now. I never will be.

So. Big pot of candy:

Also, it's hot out. Abnormally so for this time of year.  Like, it's 80 degrees at 6:15 pm. That's not normal.

I hope my big pot of candy doesn't melt.

Today was work's dress up day and it was OK. I didn't see tons of costumes, though sometimes it's quality, not quantity.

I was pleased enough with mine:

This is me dressed as Nashville Hot Chicken. A culinary play on words, but also, truly hot hot chicken is red and shimmery, so...

We'll see if I win a prize.

That's kind of it.  The next big holiday is Thanksgiving, but I have miles to go before we get there. In every sense of the word.

What I can tell you is, happy Halloween. Global warming is …

Occult Following

We went to a Halloween party in Matt's hometown last night.  A good time was had by all.

We make it look easy, don't we?

The party, and travel to and from, took up a lot of weekend.  Tomorrow, we have my work Halloween - photos to come.

Meanwhile, I have a horrendous sore throat and sinus thing happening.  And a little heartburn from questionable eating.

The good news is that I have an easy few weeks coming up.  More or less...

I pulled a tarot card for my 42nd birthday - a harbinger for my year.  I got this:

It's a good card, despite what you'd think.  It's about giving up old habits, seeing things in a new way, surrendering, change.

This is, I think, a good thing.

Peace out, peeps.


Hey, Kid!

If you'll indulge me, young people - I have some things to tell you.

Tomorrow, I turn 42.  Which is awesome.  Getting older isn't that scary, honestly.  I have gray hair, I have some lines on my face and I've survived good, bad and ugly.  More good than bad or ugly, but enough to keep it interesting.

The thing that's really interesting about 42 is that it's the 21st anniversary of turning 21.  And here in the US, that's the legal drinking age.  That's not to say I waited til I turned 21.  But even in college, I wasn't a big drinker, and honestly, turning 21 didn't change much.

But since it's a rite of passage, I went out with my roommate and her boyfriend and got completely plowed.  I ended up getting sick off the side of my sorority house's porch, in the rain.  How ladylike.   The next morning, as I attempted to remove my eye makeup, I learned that what I thought was mascara was actually broken blood vessels from extreme vomiting. CLASSY.

Level Up

So, I'm back in the office this week.  We found out yesterday that my current manager is leaving the company, which means... NEW MANAGER!!!

That's neither good nor bad.  It just is.

And, if we're being honest, it's likely that New Boss is probably just Former Boss, Revisited.

Here's the list, for anyone keeping track:

Joe (one year)
Dennis (a few months)
Ken (about a year and a half?)
Scott (for about week)
Denise (about three months)
Eric (a month?)
James (a year-ish)
Eric (a few months)
James (another year-ish)
Nate (almost a year)
David (almost a year)

So, we'll see.

It's weird, the passage of time.

This morning, one of the younger people in my department came over and started talking about a concert that was downtown last night.  Now, under the best of circumstances, my musical tastes skew...older.  So me and someone a dozen years younger...  well, I held my own. 

Meanwhile, I need to finish up my Halloween costume, and prep for the next few weeks.


30,000 ft View

I'm writing this en route from Las Vegas to Nashville. I left home Sunday, I'm coming home today.

So I have a metric ton of laundry, a few little souvenirs and heartburn.

Which is what happens when you eat German (schnitzel) and Japanese (katsu) back to back. We were an Italian meal short of a full axis power trifecta.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  That looks like two plates of fried chicken, gravy and a white starch. Correct!!!

Clearly, I need to get back on the diet wagon

This, btw, is my current view:

I have no idea where that is. Texas? Mississippi?  Who cares. In about two hours, I'll be home again. Husband, dog and my own bed.


Hey, 19!

I'm a Hilton Diamond member. Basically, it means that I book at least 25 stays a year at a Hilton property. That is not as easy as you might think. Although I travel a lot, some of my destinations are fairly small and rural. So in those cases, I'm staying somewhere off-brand.  But to be honest, you have to be a pretty shitty town to not have a Hampton Inn.

Tonight I ended up back at the same Hampton I checked out of Thursday morning.

One of the benefits of being a Hilton Diamond member is that I get to pick my room before I even arrive.

Because so much of travel is unpredictable, the fact that I have control over this one small aspect means that I milk it for all it is worth.

When it comes to picking my hotel room, I have standards. I prefer to be away from the elevator, but not too far away from the elevator. I prefer a higher floor, but not too high. I don't want to be near the stairs, and I don't want a room that adjoins. What's behind that door?  Don't know…

Setting a tone*

As of sundown tonight, it's Yom Kippur - the day of atonement.  The Jewish peeps of the world will fast to atone for their sins of the year.

I will not be fasting (duh), but here is my quasi-annual atonement post.

1.  I'd like to atone for being mouthy at work.  That said, just because I was wrong doesn't mean that some people aren't still assholes.  Enough said.

2.  My apologies for anger directed at the wrong people.  My family, my dog, sales clerks, ticket agents, and really anyone in the past year to whom I've said, "Thanks for nothing".

3.  I'm sorry to anyone my dog has barked at.  She means well.  We're working on it.

4.  I regret that I haven't been a better friend.  I've been very, very wrapped up in my mental health this year.  Clearly, it was necessary (see items 1 & 2), but I'll be better and kinder in the future.

5.  Sorry to myself for not being a little more wrapped up in my physical health.  Strong start in 2016 wit…

South Park, Meatloaf and Me

So, I still remember watching the first season of South Park.  I was dating Rusty, at the time and we would sit in his apartment and binge on The Simpsons, fried chicken and South Park.   When it first came out, my father HATED it.  Thought it was crass, lewd and tasteless.  He was right-  that's why I LOVED it.  Then around Christmas, I heard him quoting the Mr. Hankey episode with a hearty, "Hidey Ho!!!".  Like me, Dad was onboard.

I watched an episode, dubbed in French, while in Paris.  It's one where Eric is trying to figure out who his father is.  He's having a tea party with his toys, and the doll, named Polly Prissypants is dubbed as Polly Petitpois (little peas) in French.

And although I would watch it off and on over the years, I've seen more than I haven't.

Nine years ago in Munich, there was an episode dubbed in German that I had never seen before.  It was a Christmas episode where the woodland creatures turn out to be Satanic.  It was bizarre.…

Dog Tired

It's starting to get dark earlier.  And yes, I realize it's only going to get worse with the whole "fall back" - which happens in about a month.

But what sucks about it is that playtime with Piper in the back yard is less fun.  Because I can't see her in the dark.  Now, true, she has some reflective doodads on her collar, but really, she's a black dog who sticks to the fence line and makes like a shadow.

So, I'm dealing with that.  I might get one of those little flasher lights that joggers wear.  Because she has energy she needs to expend.  I have less energy.  I don't know what's wrong, exactly, but I'm feeling a little lethargic.

And I need to get cracking. I have Halloween costumes to construct, and cabinets to empty.  I need to order some materials for a home improvement project we have coming up.

And always laundry and dishes and sweeping.

But once it's about 7:45 PM, I'm counting the minutes til 10PM, which seems like a reasonab…