Level Up

So, I'm back in the office this week.  We found out yesterday that my current manager is leaving the company, which means... NEW MANAGER!!!

That's neither good nor bad.  It just is.

And, if we're being honest, it's likely that New Boss is probably just Former Boss, Revisited.

Here's the list, for anyone keeping track:

Joe (one year)
Dennis (a few months)
Ken (about a year and a half?)
Scott (for about week)
Denise (about three months)
Eric (a month?)
James (a year-ish)
Eric (a few months)
James (another year-ish)
Nate (almost a year)
David (almost a year)

So, we'll see.

It's weird, the passage of time.

This morning, one of the younger people in my department came over and started talking about a concert that was downtown last night.  Now, under the best of circumstances, my musical tastes skew...older.  So me and someone a dozen years younger...  well, I held my own. 

Meanwhile, I need to finish up my Halloween costume, and prep for the next few weeks.

Manager Switcheroo not withstanding, things at work are.... what they are.  I don't have anything on the books.  I had held a week for a customer, delaying home repairs by a week, and now they don't want that week.  They want the week I booked for home repairs.  Nope.  The bad news with that is that I am very close to making Diamond for the year, but it's going to be a close race to the finish.

Which, in theory doesn't matter - but it totally does.


The more things change, the more they stay the same.