Setting a tone*

As of sundown tonight, it's Yom Kippur - the day of atonement.  The Jewish peeps of the world will fast to atone for their sins of the year.

I will not be fasting (duh), but here is my quasi-annual atonement post.

1.  I'd like to atone for being mouthy at work.  That said, just because I was wrong doesn't mean that some people aren't still assholes.  Enough said.

2.  My apologies for anger directed at the wrong people.  My family, my dog, sales clerks, ticket agents, and really anyone in the past year to whom I've said, "Thanks for nothing".

3.  I'm sorry to anyone my dog has barked at.  She means well.  We're working on it.

4.  I regret that I haven't been a better friend.  I've been very, very wrapped up in my mental health this year.  Clearly, it was necessary (see items 1 & 2), but I'll be better and kinder in the future.

5.  Sorry to myself for not being a little more wrapped up in my physical health.  Strong start in 2016 with the "no sugar" stuff.  Need to get back to that - because clearly, it worked and I felt so much better.  So.  So much better.

6.  I want to sincerely apologize to my dog and husband for all the craptacular travel.  Maybe I'll win the lottery and stay home in 2017.

7.  Hey television - there's so much of you, and a lot of really good shit.  Let's spend more time together.

8.  I apologize for not wearing makeup more.  It really does seem to help the Chronic Resting Bitch Face.

9.  Finally, I want to say, I am sorry for being sorry.  Some years ago, my father noted that I apologize too much.  And he's right.  In the grocery store, I apologize at least ten times for basically existing and needing to get olives off the bottom shelf.  So, in this Jewish New Year, I refuse to apologize for shit that doesn't merit an apology.  That's the deal.

Sorry not sorry,


*I will never apologize for punny blog titles.  So clever.