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Super superstitious...

I have a healthy respect for luck. I also tend to be pretty lucky. Coincidence? Probably.

Anyway, the past few weeks have been rougher than usual, what with the Ear/Nose/Throat/Lung crud throwing an extra long bon voyage party inside of me.

I haven't gotten enough sleep. I have been stressed out about some upcoming hard trips at work.  I went back on sugar in a big way.

So, this afternoon, I arrived in Atlanta feeling not especially lucky. I had a rough trip down, basically sat on I-24 for over an our just outside Chattanooga.

Finally got here, and I suppose I should have let Mom know I was coming early. She is decidedly not here. Oh well.

Anyway. I took the pugs outside for a little constitutional, and as we were coming inside, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

A lucky clover. SCORE!  I leaned over and picked it, and as I was straightening up, I saw a bluebird swoop in and land on a branch.

For me, bluebird sightings have always preceeded good news of some kind.


Eatin' my Feeeeeeeelins...

I noticed a trend over the past week on FB, and that is that I've been talking about food.  A lot.

And the problem with that is that it hasn't just been talk. It's been open mouth, insert chow.

Basically, it's been since I caved on the No Sugar thing in McPherson, KS.

It's stress-eating.  It's self-medicating.

This was last night in San Antonio:

That's Texas Pride BBQ in San Antonio.  The greasy waxed paper is brisket, sausage, green beans and mac n cheese.

The small bowl of brown goo?  Pecan. Cobbler.

Yeah - I need to find a different way to mitigate stress.

Or, I need to engineer out the source of stress.

But my eating habits are one of the sources... so what the fuck do I do?

Well, I don't buy a cake at Publix for dinner*.

I may have done that, though.

Onward and upward.


*I didn't have them write anything on it.  So, standards.

Who am I to disagree?

I've been having a lot of dreams about my father lately.  Nothing specific, really - he's in them, and in them, he's back from the dead and we don't really know what to do about it.

I can't seem to ask him for advice, which, in my waking life is what I want.

Although, I suspect his advice would be to keep my head down and keep plugging along.  So, nothing magical there. I still miss him.  Most of the time. 

I am now in my 3rd week of feeling like hammered dog shit.  My ears are basically ok, but my throat is raw, my sinuses are jacked and I'm still coughing.  I am ready to feel better again.  Like, any second now.

I'm in Texas this week, and I'm not super-stoked, even though it's just outside San Antonio, which is a fun enough city, as Texas goes.  I just want to be home with my dog, watching TV.

I'll be home Wednesday, though.  Me, Piper.  Some Ramen Noodles.

Living the dream.


Qu'est-ce que c'est?

The past 48 hours have been full of wildlife in various forms.

Wednesday night, the dog found a possum in the back yard.  I got her away before she did any damage to it, but being a possum, it did the whole faint and play dead thing.

So I got a shovel and relocated it to the back alley, where it recovered and bailed - I went to check an hour later, no possum.

Last night, we got home and heard something in the front room of the house.  It was a bird - a chimney swift, to be specific, flying around.  Matt shut the room off, except for the front door, and we heard it bang around in there for a bit, then silence.  I go in to investigate:  dead bird on floor.  So I bag it up and take it out to the trashcan in the alley.

We continue our evening, and an hour later, we hear something in the front room.  Second chimney swift, not dead.  Matt restrains the dog, and I catch the bird and release it out the front door, where it tries to come back in. 

I'm screaming at it though gritted teeth t…

Ready? OK!

So, I'm about to be deliberately vague.  I'll explain later, I promise.

What I do want to say is that recently, I've been making a series of decisions that require me to trust my gut.

As a person who tends to second guess herself pretty well constantly, it has been something of a revelation.  As it turns out, my gut works.

One of the nicer things about getting older is that you kind of start to figure out who you are.  And more importantly, who you aren't.

And the good news is, I like who I am. 

And the better news is, so do other people.

But the best news is, even if people don't like who I am?  FUCK. THEM.

I'll come back to this at some point...soonish.


I'm here, I'm here!

I spent the week in Monterey, California - and it was awesome.

Caterpillar Safety Conference, which is my jam. 

It was held at a resort spa, and it was amazeballs.

Here's a picture of me in the Hotel Robe.

I spent a lot of time working with existing customers, talking with potential customers, and eating good food.

Specifically, local produce, seafood...

I ate some artichoke chowder that was like the tears of angels.

We had fun.  We deserved it, too.  Me, a couple of nice guys from sales, one of the younger women over in marketing - we worked hard,  we played hard.

And now, I'm home.

And tired.

But I'm here.

This week, I have a customer in house Monday-Wednesday, and then the next week is San Antonio.

So, we have that going on.

Tomorrow, I am going to a party that a friend of mine put together.  Each family is bringing a few pounds of pulled pork from a different restaurant, and we're having a tasting party to decide the best Q in Nashville.

Bien, bien.


Misty water-colored memories...

Today was the Kentucky Derby, which I celebrated by not watching.  A horse named Nyquist won.  He was named after a hockey player, and I dig that - Piper's middle name is Rinne, after the Predators goalie, Pekka Rinne.

Anyway, it's an event that for me, dredges up some memories -  the 2008 Kentucky Derby, specifically.  Dad was in the hospital, having had open heart surgery roughly a week before - quad bypass, plus carotid artery.  He was out of the Cardiac ICU, on the 3rd floor, and things were stable, but... not great.

He had contracted C. Diff - a bacterial infection common in those with a weakened immune system.  The C stands for Clostridium.  The Diff is short for Difficile (difficult).

Basically, it's diarrhea.  Relentless.  And foul-smelling.  Anyone who has experienced it either as a bystander or participant - well, you don't forget it.

So, Dad had C. Diff, and it was just rough, and unpleasant.  He and Mom had me and Matt leave the room for awhile, and we were…

Wheel. Of. FORTUNE!

Oh, y'all - I'm falling down on the job.

Sunday is May 8th.  Which means two things. 

One, that's Mother's Day. And I managed to put a card in the mail to my mother yesterday - which may arrive Saturday or Monday for Mom.  So, clearly, I'm not going to Atlanta for Mother's Day.  Because, for one - I have the lingering remains of The Crud.  My ears feel pretty stuffed up, I still have a little cough... my eyes look remarkably better, and I don't feel like I'm going to explode in a flash of phlegm.  

But we'd be hard pressed to call me "well". 

So, I don't have the energy to drive four hours to spend 36 hours in Atlanta, then drive four back...

Especially given last night's activity.

Matt and I went to a hockey game. Not just any hockey game - but the one that ended up being the longest game in Nashville Predators history.  Triple Overtime.  We paid for one game, we got, basically two.  And we won.  At 1:03 AM.

Which means I didn'…


So, I went to my doctor's office yesterday - a walk-in - the same "charming" nurse practitioner from a few weeks back saw me.  Still has that same sparkling personality.  She basically told me I had a sinus infection that wasn't bacterial "...yet...", and suggested about $40 worth of over the counter remedies.

I dutifully purchased them all and came home and started using them.

By mid day, my ears started feeling clogged.

By bedtime, they hurt.

When I woke up at 3AM, they really hurt, oh, and my vision was blurred.

As it will be, when you develop PINK EYE overnight.

So, I took a hot bath, tried to think calm, rational thoughts, and decided I was going to an Urgent Care other than my provider's office in the AM.

So, I found one nearby that opened at 7AM, and I arrived at 7:03.  Couldn't even finish my paperworl before they called me back to get my history.

The doctor, an actual MD came in and took one look and said, "Well, you've been better…

My, My!

Friday night, Jim and I went to see Mamma Mia! at TPAC.  It is what's know as a Jukebox Musical - songs that existed before the musical used and woven together with some sort of plot.

In the case of this one, it's the songs of ABBA.  And the plot is a fairly flimsy one, but it's pleasant enough.  Girl invites three men, all of whom could be her Dad, to her wedding in the Greek Isles.  Her mother, former lead singer of Donna and The Dynamos deals with the fallout.

It's sweet, it's frothy.  And I loved that one of the supporting characters (Rosie, one of the Dynamos) was played by a larger girl.  A woman of size, if you will.

She held her own on the dance numbers, vocally, and acting - she was a triple threat.  I enjoyed that immensely.

The only down side is that I was feeling a little under the weather.

By the time I woke up Saturday morning, I was completely under it.  I spent most of the weekend doing NOTHING.  And it was just exactly what I needed to do.

Truth be…