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A Grand Time

Matt stopped on the way home yesterday for a copy of GTA4 - and so far, we are pretty well hooked. As are some of my co-workers. I'm still trudging slowly through Bully, which for my money is one of the best video games ever - right up there with the Atari Pac-Man I loved in my youth.

But GTA4 is really well layered, and the attention to detail is impressive. Thankfully, we have enough perspective to play it in short bursts and not spend hours a day glued to the controls.

Dad continues to improve. Yesterday, they removed his vent tube, and his first words were, "Free at last!" Later that night, Mom walked in at visiting hours and said incredulously, "Wait, I'm married?" So he's on the mend.

We'll still go down this weekend of course. I'm tempted to renew our Sirius subscription, but I know that's silly.

What can I say - we're a couple of technomaniacal DINKs.

Sofa King Tired

My father has been in the hospital for a week today. Scary stuff. He was hospitalized with a "mild heart attack" on Monday - everything spiraled into a shitstorm and he had a quadruple bypass and carotid artery surgery on Friday - he's been in the ICU at St. Joe's ever since. The nurses are awesome, he's fighting like a tiger, and we're going to beat this thing.

Matt and I got back last night, and I've finally hit the wall. I was running on adrenaline for five days, and now, I'm exhausted. And I have a sore throat.

I'll touch on this episode more later, but I can honestly say that I am one of the luckiest people I know. Our neighbors and friends have been phenomenally kind and generous.

I do know that this is was one hell of a wakeup call - I'm here, I'm alive and I need to take better care of myself!

Whistling in the Dark

I'm a big fan of They Might Be Giants, and more specifically, their 1990 album, Flood. Hence the title of my blog, and of this seminal post.

Several friends have told me that if I blogged, they'd read - this is really more for my mental health, but if someone else gets something out of it - so be it.

The past week has been terrifying. My father had a heart attack on Monday, and that set off the chain of events that will lead to open heart and carotid artery surgery tomorrow.

The bright side of this is that friends and family have come out of the woodwork to offer support, prayer, good juju, etc. Personally, the only thing that's missing is a good tuna casserole - maybe I'll make one for me, Mom and my husband this weekend while I'm down there. It's grossly unhealthy, and you'd think that this would scare me into better eating habits.

Not so - the only thing keeping me from having a Sonic Peanut Butter Fudge Milkshake for breakfast yesterday was that they had sh…