Whistling in the Dark

I'm a big fan of They Might Be Giants, and more specifically, their 1990 album, Flood. Hence the title of my blog, and of this seminal post.

Several friends have told me that if I blogged, they'd read - this is really more for my mental health, but if someone else gets something out of it - so be it.

The past week has been terrifying. My father had a heart attack on Monday, and that set off the chain of events that will lead to open heart and carotid artery surgery tomorrow.

The bright side of this is that friends and family have come out of the woodwork to offer support, prayer, good juju, etc. Personally, the only thing that's missing is a good tuna casserole - maybe I'll make one for me, Mom and my husband this weekend while I'm down there. It's grossly unhealthy, and you'd think that this would scare me into better eating habits.

Not so - the only thing keeping me from having a Sonic Peanut Butter Fudge Milkshake for breakfast yesterday was that they had shut down the ice cream machine the night before and it wasn't cranked back up - at 6:30 AM - the nerve! That said, I haven't had a candy bar in nearly 3 weeks - and candy bars are my drug of choice.

Ok, you could argue that a milkshake is no better, but in terms of access - candy is cheap and you can get it anywhere. For 33 cents at Kroger, I can scarf some Reese's Peanut Butter cups. And they never close down the candy aisle for the night.

So here's what my blog will be - a laundry list of worries, triumphs, observations, politics, recipes, reviews and snark. Hopefully it will occasionally be funny.

Here's what it won't be - glurge, fashion tips or entertainment gossip. I may add pictures at some point, but nothing of babies dressed up like zebras. Creepy.

That's it for my first blog post. Please return your stewardess to her full, upright position, and prepare to land.