A Grand Time

Matt stopped on the way home yesterday for a copy of GTA4 - and so far, we are pretty well hooked. As are some of my co-workers. I'm still trudging slowly through Bully, which for my money is one of the best video games ever - right up there with the Atari Pac-Man I loved in my youth.

But GTA4 is really well layered, and the attention to detail is impressive. Thankfully, we have enough perspective to play it in short bursts and not spend hours a day glued to the controls.

Dad continues to improve. Yesterday, they removed his vent tube, and his first words were, "Free at last!" Later that night, Mom walked in at visiting hours and said incredulously, "Wait, I'm married?" So he's on the mend.

We'll still go down this weekend of course. I'm tempted to renew our Sirius subscription, but I know that's silly.

What can I say - we're a couple of technomaniacal DINKs.