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Here I am. Rock me like a hurricane.

Dateline, Anchorage - 25 July 2010.

Anchorage is amazing. I have seen so many beautiful things in the past 72 hours. We could definitely fall in love.

Great food, wonderful family time. Surrogate dog has been appointed in Lola's absence. The neighbor also has two dogs that I would gladly take home.

We are taking some excursions midweek.

At the moment, I'm waiting to take some feeelthy dirty camping clothes out of the washer to throw in the dryer - then a nap. Matt's out biking.

Sounds like a typical Sunday, but isn't.


On your mark...

We're prepping this weekend by packing for our trip to see Matt's cousins in Anchorage. Matt is prepping with a long bike ride, and I indulged in a little retail therapy at WalMart.

Lola has no idea what's about to hit her, and for that I feel guilty. What else is new, though?

I also feel guilty because a new guy starts at the office tomorrow and it's my job to orient him. Bad news, he's going to be indoctrinated by everyone else instead. And part two - he's an ex-Marine - which means he'll have his shit together, but probably will buddy up with our former Air Forcer. Not that I care, I'm going to Alaska.

I'm feeling anxious, though - and it's making me want to sleep.

So, nothing interesting, just felt like I needed to post.


I plead sloth.

I haven't have the inclination to write recently. Fatigue both mental and physical have me sucked into a vortex of lazy. If you saw my house, you might understand.

- I'm starting to plan for our trip to Alaska, and in preparation, bought myself a Kindle. It kicks ass.

- I find that sartorially, I'm lacking in clothes for the trip. Action adventure wear for big girls is sparse. Contemplating a trip to Goodwill for cheap duds.

- I've been trying to eat better and exercise more. I went to Aqua Fit at the Y yesterday, but went to a party last night where the hostess served zucchini pancakes with sour cream and salmon, and mini biscuits with fried green tomatoes and bacon. So you know I ate... a few of each.

- 4th of July was splendid - but over too soon. Had my first bear sighting at the cabin, then my second and third. Dad is opting to stop putting out corn.

- I had bizarre dreams all last night that went back and forth between high school, present day and sporting…