I plead sloth.

I haven't have the inclination to write recently. Fatigue both mental and physical have me sucked into a vortex of lazy. If you saw my house, you might understand.

- I'm starting to plan for our trip to Alaska, and in preparation, bought myself a Kindle. It kicks ass.

- I find that sartorially, I'm lacking in clothes for the trip. Action adventure wear for big girls is sparse. Contemplating a trip to Goodwill for cheap duds.

- I've been trying to eat better and exercise more. I went to Aqua Fit at the Y yesterday, but went to a party last night where the hostess served zucchini pancakes with sour cream and salmon, and mini biscuits with fried green tomatoes and bacon. So you know I ate... a few of each.

- 4th of July was splendid - but over too soon. Had my first bear sighting at the cabin, then my second and third. Dad is opting to stop putting out corn.

- I had bizarre dreams all last night that went back and forth between high school, present day and sporting goods stores. Weird, and not at all restful.

- Lola has been doing well, though you can now tell that she's getting older. Poor old girl. We're having her teeth cleaned and wart removed when we go on our trip. She slipped out the side gate yesterday and wandered up the street. We caught up to her and gave her a cookie to get in the car. Good girl, bad owner!

- This summer is now basically filled up - Alaska, canoeing, baseball, anniversary... I want to throw a party... September may be the soonest I can get to it.

- I could use a haircut before we travel, not to mention, a new pedicure. And a cold beer. In the same sitting.

Off to check my cellphone, then get a shower. Matt and I have plans for a fancy lunch somewhere. And by fancy, I essentially mean I'll need to shower, wash my hair and throw on some clothes. Fancy.

Peace and happiness.