Do you believe in concidence, serendipity?  It doesn't matter if you do or not - it happens.

This morning, I was talking with two co-workers about letters, journals and writing in general.  I mentioned that I had blogged for about ten years.

And that made me think, so I went back into the archives - and guess what?

Ten years ago to the very day, I started this blog.  
L: 2008, R: 2018 - Writing a blog will age you horribly.

My inaugural post was a brief intro that set the tone for the years to come.

There were the funny posts.  Like these.

I blogged about losing Lola.  I blogged about Dad dying.

Early, early on, I introduced my nephew via blog.

I kept you apprised of my pepper jelly successes and failures.

You met Piper!  Although, we hadn't named her, yet.

I hid an Easter egg in one about my new job, right before I let the cat out of the bag.  The next day, I announced it, and then I shared my final email to my co-workers.

I bought my own domain.  Finally.  

And there are plenty of just random lists and blah, blah...

This post will make 1446.  Not bad for a decade.

What will the next decade bring?  I would assume more entries about family, friends, hockey, dog and work.  More funny stuff.  Or at least, I'll think it's funny.

More observations, opinions, thoughts, fears and triumphs.  And probably more bitching about things that frustrate me.  

But I have kept, and will continue to keep my promise.  No creepy babies dressed as zebras.

That's it for my 10th Anniversary blog post. Please return your stewardess to her full, upright position, and prepare to land.


Congrats, amazing lady! May you entertain us for many years to come.