Lots of interesting things to cover today.

1. This morning's water aerobics class was held indoors, much to the annoyance of...EVERYONE.  They apparently didn't have enough lifeguards scheduled.  Bummer dude.  Still a good workout, and naturally, I'm glad I went.

2.  I had a much needed massage this afternoon.  My masseur did an amazing job getting me unknotted and I'm better for it.  A lot better. Juan, you rock!

3. I went to the Farmers Market, and I bought tomatoes, peaches, butterbeans, soap (more on that in a second) and blackberries.  I used the berries to make a cobbler - like so:

Add Ice Cream and it's a meal.

This was to test a recipe a friend gave me.  Basically, fruit, a can of Sprite and a box of yellow cake.

It was delicious.

4.  The soap was made by a local artisan.  I bought four bars, got one free.  For myself, I got a nice citrusy one and then a patchouli - because, let's face it, I am not a hippie, but I like to smell like one.  For Matt, I got two bars of coffee scented soap, and one that is supposed to dry out poison ivy.  He's been having a rough time after doing some yard work and getting exposed.   No good deed goes unpunished.

5. I went to see Magic Mike with some friends tonight.  It was...well, here's what I said on Facebook:
So, I saw Magic Mike tonight, and here's my take. If you want to see hot nekkid men, Google that exact phrase. If you want to see a fun movie about the sex industry, I'd recommend Boogie Nights (it has something for everyone). And if you want to see a sweet, raunchy, funny film about male strippers, The Full Monty is amazing. That said, I'm definitely not sorry that I crammed myself into a hot movie theater full of screaming women (and assorted screaming/not screaming men), because it was an experience!
 6. I need to buy a blouse, I think.  Something that goes with gray pants.  I think tomorrow I may hit the mall.   I'm starting to stress about all the travel I have coming up.

7.  It's hot out.  Not even typical last day of June hot, either.  We've hit record temps two days running.  I think today it got up to 107* and yesterday, 109*.  My peppers look like utter crap.

8. Tomorrow, my plan is Zumba and grocery shopping.  And I'm supposed to meet my friends from Monday Zumba to play trivia.

That's about it, I think.

Sweet dreams!



I haven't the courage to do Zumba, inside or out.

I so want to see Magic Mike, if only because I can't talk M. McConaughey into coming over and doing that shit in person.

Cobbler? Homemade? You freaking rock.