Reminder: Again

I need to remember that typically, the build up to having to do something I am dreading is often far worse than the doing of it, or the fallout after it.

Don't bother me, I'm anxious.

As an example, tonight I have to train a group of customers.  Tonight.  In nine minutes.  Why?  They're in China.  So there's a time zone barrier, a language barrier and to top it off, I'm on fumes.  Four hours of sleep last night, plus a day that took it completely out of me.

Tomorrow night, Patton Oswalt.  Then another China training.  Then the weekend.  A few days at the office, a trip to New Jersey.

And on it goes. 

More on that in a bit (likle, later this week).  For now, 2.5 hours of talking to people who probably can't understand me, and almost certainly don't want to be there.