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We Gather Together

So, let's see.

I am once again falling down on the job of documenting life via my blog. It's just that my life is kind of boring.

Work, sleep. Eating and a movie thrown in from time to time - weekly Zumba.

And that's that.

Laundry. Forgot about that.

I promise that 2011 will be a better year for writing.

But for now.

Blah, blah, blah....

That Special Glow

Maybe it's not the most intellectual thing to admit, but I love television.

I watched Glee tonight, and gasped when the big football player laid a big one on Kurt Hummel.

I watched my DVRed How I Met Your Mother, and I just want to talk to someone else who watched it and hear what they think.

I sometimes wish I had been a television writer like I just assumed I always would be.

And here I am, instead.

So, I could sit here and mope, or I could fire up the TV and watch until I forget I'm sad.