Melancholischer Blumenkohl

Keto trudges forward.  I have learned that I can have a square of Ghirardelli superdark chocolate once a day and still stay where I need to be.  So, I'm doing that, because I need it.  I would rather do that and stay sane than lose it one day and knock over a Krispy Kreme.  Which I have contemplated.  I think I have kicked the physical addiction, it's the emotional dependency that has me feeling a little down.

For example - I ended up ordering dinner from Cracker Barrel tonight because it was easier - buuuuut - the things I always loved most about their food are things I really can't have now.  And that's OK.  I ate within my plan, and it was satiating.  At least physically.  But I was a little sad that I couldn't pop a biscuit in my mouth to push down the feelings. Feelings are mostly round.  That's why cakes and cookies are so good at it.  Pizza, too - all pie, really.

It's a process.

Today, I found a dog at the Nashville Humane Association that could be Piper's brother.  Meet Percy:

 Now, we're not in the market for a second dog, but you have to admit, they could be related:

Now, this is not her first doppelganger - remember Monty?

Matt suggests that given the number of Piper-esque dogs seeking homes, one might surmise that this particular line/type of dog is less than desirable.  He may have a point.  I would say that a better assumption would be that some people haven't got any taste.

We didn't get Monty, we won't be getting Percy.  I just enjoy looking at cute dogs.  Better that, I suppose than trolling for brownie recipes...

There's a box of mix in our cabinet.  It needs to be removed from the premises, unconsumed.

So basically, it's low grade food longings, or what the Germans might call Essenschmerz, and a mild desire to acquire a dog - Hundelust.

Those Germans really know how put my feelings into words.




Harry Hamid said…
I have found that for me, when I'm trying to lay off of something that's bad for me, giving in a little (kind of a two steps forward, one step back thing) is better than cutting it out all together because, as you point out, knocking over a Kripsy Kreme might happen otherwise.

Balance, with maybe a little more weight towards the good side. Hopefully.