Let's Talk

So, as I believe I have mentioned, I have stepped away from sugar for a bit.  We needed a break.

But the thing that makes it tough is Valentine's Day.  Many is the year I slid into Walgreen's February 15th to snag a red, heart-shaped box of chocolates on the super-cheap. 

And of course, Valentine's Day is the gateway to Easter.  And Easter candy unhinges me.  Russell Stover Maple Cream Eggs?  Siiiiighh!

Anyway, Valentine's Day. 

The other day, I passed by the little chalky, pastel conversation hearts and I decided to make a list of new hearts for the modern era:

HPV Free

Don't Brexit My Heart

Yuge Love

Tiny Hands, Big Heart

Pussy Grabber

She Persisted

Wanna 420? (available in Maine, Colorado, California, Washington, etc.)

Netflix n Chill

UR Bae!

Red State/Blue Balls

Let's Nae Nae

Swipe Left


I'm Not Proposing

Cosby Love

Golden Shower?

Ref-U-G of Luv

Selfie Lover

I Can't Even

 You can see, I'm really up on my lingo and pop culture.



Christopher said…
You're a little too up on current lingo and pop culture, although the major advantage of most of those is even I wouldn't put them in my mouth.
Golden Shower Heart in the rain
Bringing Yuge Greatness again and again 🎼🎵🎶