Eatin' my Feeeeeeeelins...

I noticed a trend over the past week on FB, and that is that I've been talking about food.  A lot.

And the problem with that is that it hasn't just been talk. It's been open mouth, insert chow.

Basically, it's been since I caved on the No Sugar thing in McPherson, KS.

It's stress-eating.  It's self-medicating.

This was last night in San Antonio:

That's Texas Pride BBQ in San Antonio.  The greasy waxed paper is brisket, sausage, green beans and mac n cheese.

The small bowl of brown goo?  Pecan. Cobbler.

Yeah - I need to find a different way to mitigate stress.

Or, I need to engineer out the source of stress.

But my eating habits are one of the sources... so what the fuck do I do?

Well, I don't buy a cake at Publix for dinner*.

I may have done that, though.

Onward and upward.


*I didn't have them write anything on it.  So, standards.


They write on a cake?
Goddammit, Bill, are you saying they don't write on cakes in India? I'm canceling my plans to emigrate.