U for Misms

We got some news today, and I don't think it's good, but it could be worse.

Our last day in office here is 8/30.  That gives me about six weeks to pull my office at home together.  I don't think anyone really appreciates that it's an imposition.  I mean, I have to give up my dining room.  My favorite place in the house.  The table Dad bought me as a Christmas present.  My cabinets and chairs and such.  And with no consideration in return.  I mean - the real estate market in Nashville is hot.  Should I be charging them rent for having to store their equipment in my home?

These are the times that try men's souls.

To say nothing of the ladies.

On the other side of the coin, I had lunch with some colleagues, and that is always welcome.

This weekend, we went to the zoo.  I really enjoy a little time among animals.  I think it recharges us in ways we wouldn't expect.  Like, seeing the little Red River Hog piglets - their names, I learned are Fig, Peach, Persimmon and Clementine, and they are so cute.

Mom's ear tassels give me life.

And seeing some distant relatives in the Spider Monkey habitat.  They were eating kale.  They looked about as happy with that as I do when I eat kale.  We do what we do, though.  I also got to see some guinea pigs, a tiger, and the flying-mingos.  It's just a pleasant place to have a little walk.

I also got to see my friend Jim for the first time since his birthday.  So, basically, a month.

And there was a brief jaunt to Trader Joe's.  And we watched a movie or three, and we talked a lot and tried to make some plans.

Right now, I have July 4th on the brain.  There are a lot of moving parts and pieces.  Like, all the party stuff, and tools and kenneling Piper.  And what I will wear.  Because that's a whole thing.

It's always something.  Now it's a lot of things.

So, yeah.

At least now I know...more?



Christopher said…
It's really hard for me to focus on anything else after seeing the hoglets because they are so adorable. So is their mother. There's a faux documentary about Africa from the '70's called "Animals Are Beautiful People" and there's a section in it about a baby warthog who gets separated from his mother. It's obviously fake but the baby warthog is so adorable I don't care. It's been far too long since I've been to the zoo and I need to see the hoglets.
Also it's really wild that July 4th is coming up so fast. It always takes me by surprise even though it happens at the same time every year.