Teeny Tiny

Despite living in a decent sized city, we have our fair share of interesting flora and fauna.  

This was a crazy busy weekend.  We got a lot done, up until late yesterday, we were plugging away at it.  

Then, after dinner, some thunder and lightning started up, so we pulled up the blind at the front door to watch it pass - and there in the front yard was a bunny.  And not just anybunny.  A tiny little guy who would have fit in a coffee mug - ears out, of course.

He was so stinking cute.  Now, we have big bunnies and midsized bunnies in the back yard, but this was by far the youngest one I've seen.  He was eating clover, and we left him to it.

We saw a deer the night before while we were walking through Warner Park.  Percy, I think, not Edwin.  I don't know, it doesn't matter.  I don't know the deer's name either.  She was unspooked by us and kept on grazing.

Vultures have been hanging out at the office - they aren't cute, per se, but one of them has been trying to fight her reflection in the window of an office across the parking lot, and it's hilarious.  The whole thing is hilarious to me.  Here's one of the non-fighting vultures flexing:

I read earlier today, and have no trouble believing that this was the second hottest spring in Nashville's recorded history.  We spent a fair amount of time outside this weekend, and I felt like a rotisserie chicken who had been thrown in a sauna.  It was sweaty, and I felt my brain baking...

I used to tolerate heat better.  Now that I'm basically a walking furnace, I would much rather be in cooler weather.  Ah perimenopause, you sick little weirdo.

Anyway - it was good to see a little bunny - I've enjoyed the fledgling robins, too - and they are noisy!  They want food, and they want it now.

Nature is amazing, so pay attention - you might see something good!!!


Christopher said…
We've had a surprising number of bunnies lately and even more surprising the dogs--who are avid squirrel and chipmunk hunters--aren't interested in them. Maybe it's because the bunnies are really relaxed and don't run so they don't set off the prey instinct. The deer at Radnor Lake will also practically come up to be petted. I suspect some people feed them even though they shouldn't. You can also see bald eagles there sometimes.
The vulture is hilarious to me but they always make me laugh. Black vultures bark like dogs. Once I was walking in my neighborhood and I heard "Woof!" I thought it was a dog and I looked over and there were about a dozen black vultures in somebody's yard. It was early in the morning and I laughed so hard at the thought of someone waking up to that.