It's In!

So, last weekend, I ended up getting some steroids because of a slip and fall I executed on Memorial Day.

The quick version of the story is that I slipped on a muddy trail, landing in a sort of split.  Abraded my right knee, pulled my left hammy*.  And several days later, my Achilles tendon weighed in and said, "Nope."

So I hobbled to the Urgent Care to get some care, urgently.  They put me on a six day dose of Prednisone.  And it's a great medication.  Really.  Until it's not.  It started working immediately, and by the end of Monday, I was walking without a cane.  It was sexy.  

Now here we are today, one day after my last dose, and guess what's acting up a little?  Yeah, good old Achilles.

The other fun thing about Prednisone is that it makes you feel kind of crazy and "Hulk-smashy" both in mind and body.  It also makes you want to eat.  So, that's been challenging.  

I kind of feel like I have a bunch of leaf-cutter ants tapdancing on my neurons.  But, on the upside, I did grill a hamburger last night that was the stuff of legend.  We had the good buns from Publix, the first good tomato of the year, and everything just fell into place.  I ate it and enjoyed it immensely.  

Today, I feel like I'll be able to stay on top of my appetite.  I drank a completely mediocre iced latte from a coffee shop near the office - three times more expensive than a cheap coffee from McDonald's.  Oh well - but I needed the caffeine and it's done.  Plus - it was skim, which makes it a better choice than the full cream version at the House of Clown.

The Gimp's Sleepin'.

So, now I graduate to Aleve, I wear a little compression brace, and we see what happens.  


*I'd say hamstring.  But it's certainly more ham than string.