Glass Half Crazy

I am feeling super anxious. I have a million reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that I am spending a lot of money on things that are no damn fun. Home repair. Doctor visits.  Groceries.

Well, maybe that's not entirely fair - I do enjoy buying groceries.  But the other things are necessary evils.

Necessaryish, anyway.

I have been having awful dreams recently. I dreamed my father drove my truck into a river. I dreamed that my entire company got laid off.  I also frequently have a dream about not running or completing a report that was essential (two jobs ago), and it has spilled into my new job. I have dreams where I am missing meetings in hospitals, where one or both of my parents are hooked up to dozens of machines.  

I lose my car in parking lots, I shop in large labyrinthine stores, wander through cities, malls and resorts. I wind up in airports naked, or late, or without an ID.  Or I'm on flights that are bizarrely configured without a seat.  I find myself in places I should know and don't.  I am in school but can't remember my schedule, or they remind us that something we should have been working on all year is coming due.  And that there is no way we can catch up on it now.

Because here's the thing. You can try and leave your baggage in the daytime, but then, the truth will out.


Just don't let it make you crazy.

Sweet dreeeeeaaaaaammms.


Christopher said…
At least you eventually wake up. And this is one reason I recommend naps. I don't recall ever having a daymare, and it seems like no one else does either.