Call Me Mister

 I've talked about it here before, but when you have something you look forward to and plan for months, and then it's over, there's the post-event letdown.  

And that's where I am right now.

We had our quarterly department meeting, followed by our semi-annual manager meeting this week.  I left for Chattanooga on Sunday, arrived home yesterday.  It was a lot.  It was glorious, but it was a lot.

A lot of eating, a lot of talking, a lot of listening.  A lot of walking, a lot of hugs, a lot of love.

And now it's over.  There will be another meeting next quarter, and our second manager meeting of 2024 later in the year.

So, understandably, I'm feeling a little melancholy.

Good boys!

You know, as one does.  I know these blues are of the short-term variety, and that I'm going to be basically OK in no time.  But I have a bunch of driving to do on Saturday (and again Tuesday AM), so that is bearing down on me like a ton of bricks.

Basically, I'm headed to Atlanta to take Mom to go to her pulmonologist appointment.  We'll make some cookies to send my sister for her birthday, and I have been give some requests from my sister to handle a few administrative tasks.  Which is fine, but means I won't have an actual weekend like the sort that would be useful to prepare my home for another week.  You know - laundry, housework, groceries.

I want to carve out something for just myself - to reward for the work I have done and will do.  But I don't know what that's going to be.  I kind of wish I had the time and money to get a full spa day - but  maybe this fall.  For now, I need something more like a new lipstick or some costume jewelry.   So, there is that.  If you have suggestions, bring them to me.  I'm up for something fun.

The robins have not returned to their nest for a second brood, but the makings of a new nest have appeared at the other end of the deck.  I am trying to be subtle in my investigations.  But I am not a subtle person.  

And that's about it, really.  Just work, good times, trying times, and keep trying.  That's the formula for now.



Christopher said…
I know that post-event feeling all too well. Maybe all the other stuff you've got to do will help--I certainly hope so, at least. It seems like whenever I've been in that post-event phase I haven't had anything to do which just leaves a lot of time to dwell on it. A break would certainly be nice, though. I'm trying to think of suggestions. I've got a break coming up myself and there's plenty of stuff that needs to be done but it should also be a time for some fun things. Now there's a sign that we need to take more breaks.