And, Scene!


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles came out in 1987, and I'm sure I saw it in the theater.  It's a classic.  I love a good broad comedy, and this is one of the finest of its genre.  It's a buddy com, but it has some serious heart.

At some point, when I was traveling a lot for work, this movie became extremely anxiety provoking.  So I stopped watching it at Thanksgiving - it is, after all, a Thanksgiving movie.

But I could probably pick it back up.  It's very quotable.  See above.

What made me think of it?  Simple.  I am trying to lose weight and it's been going pretty well, except that the three day weekend derailed me a little.  I'm good if I have a routine, but this weekend was not routine - and there was an extra day.  So - this week, my scale went...the wrong way.  Not as badly as in the above scene, which is good.  Because that's an epic wrong way.

But of course, I thought about this little exchange in the movie.

Here's the thing.  A number on the scale isn't an indictment of my character - it's data used as feedback - the kind that says, "OK - that thing you did has this outcome, so think about that moving forward, and try something different next time."

That thing, by the way, involved some really good cajun food and I regret nothing.

So, you know, now I'm headed, I hope, in a better direction.

By the way, 1987 was a good year for movies:

Dragnet, Roxanne, Adventures in Babysitting, Withnail and I, Hope and Glory, Au Revoir Les Enfants, Babette's Feast, Good Morning Vietnam, Hollywood Shuffle, Full Metal Jacket, Dirty Dancing, Moonstruck, Spaceballs... and so on.  And there are tons I probably left out that you love - like Princess Bride, Beverly Hills Cop 2, Police Academy 4, Can't Buy Me Love, The Secret of My Success...

Anyway - take your feedback, apply it, and keep on keeping on.



Christopher said…
I'll never forget the night a couple of friends showed up at my house and said, "Hey, we're going to see a movie, you want to come?" Of course I did. Even a bad movie in the theater beats a night sitting at home. I don't remember but I think we were in the car and moving when I asked what we were going to see and they said "It's called The Princess Bride". I hadn't heard of it and weirdly thought it might be horror but braced myself.
This is a roundabout way of saying sometimes it's better to just embrace things as they come. I'm sure I would have loved The Princess Bride even if I'd known what it was about--hey, I still love it--but not knowing made it even more magical.
Funny enough I thought I knew what to expect when I went in to Planes, Trains, & Automobiles but it turned out to be just as surprising in its way.
Here's to just enjoying things, especially good Cajun food.