So, one of my new favorite hobbies, if you can call it that, is giving AI prompts for stupid things.  Yesterday's prompt was "create image of otters playing in a high school chess club".

And there you have it.  I've also requested a Jewish iguanas wedding, dogs in a call center, and bees at a benefit show for their queen.

It's a good way to try and flex a creative muscle or two.  

Meanwhile... I'm trying to work through a little wave of depression.  And a big wave of chaos.

We're having a biggish home improvement project at the house - replacing some waterlines that probably came with the place.  It's a lot.  It's a lot a lot.

So I'm wrangling my dog and waiting for the workers to leave so that she doesn't eat anyone.  

And I got a call from Mom's boyfriend.  She's feeling under the weather and he wanted my guidance.  I called her doctor's office and they only have walk-in available today - and not even with her doc - just one of the other docs.  

So, they're going to do walk in, and it's my hope that they just send her home to get some rest and drink fluids, because I am exhausted, and I do not need to cut my work week short to go to Atlanta.  And I need this weekend here, quiet, no travel, and minor responsibility.  I just need a dang break.  We did a one-day trip to a wedding last weekend, then the next day, I went out with Matt on one of his current boondoggles.  It's a photography thing.  It's more fun for him than me - and that's fine - I just... I need a break.

So send all your good energy to Roswell, GA - please and thanks.

Meanwhile, in bird related news...

We have babies!!!

Which kind of makes up for the chaos.

Kind of.

I'll keep you posted.



Christopher said…

I'm sending all the good energy I can muster to Roswell. I would save some for the mother bird but she seems to be doing just fine, and also for you, but if the good energy going to Roswell does its job you'll have an easier time getting that break.
I'm also amused that there are so many otters crowded around one chess board. I never knew chess could be a group activity like that.