Entering the Octagon

We successfully executed my mother's 80th birthday party with minimal tsuris.  But it's family, right?  So there's always a little tsuris.

We managed to do a ton of cleaning to get the place ready - but sadly, the guests at the party didn't meander out to the back porch, which is the best place in the house.  And my husband crushed it in getting it clean.  

But I enjoyed being out there.  That's not nothing.  

The party itself went over well.  Lots of friends, conversations, laughter and sparkling wine.   As it turns out, we ended up getting a Spanish cava, not a French AOC.  What's done is done.

Now, I'm thrust back into the melee that is an extremely short work week.  I already had a stomach full of knots and felt like there was a pile of bricks on my chest.  Now I know that I was right.

It's nothing bad - just the duty of making up for lost time.

I guess that's all for now, really.  I'll leave you with this - a photo of Mom and a slab of cake:


Christopher said…
I'm so glad your mother enjoyed her birthday and her cake. That looks like a mighty fine slab--of course she deserved a corner piece with a rose on it. I'm also glad you enjoyed the back porch. Back porches are almost always my favorite part of any house, and I can't imagine why no one else meandered out there, but it's good you got some alone time to prepare. Here's hoping the coming work week has no tsuris but turns out to be bupkis. That would be a mitzvah.