If I Want To

Operation Octogenarian is underway, folks.  Two weeks from tomorrow is my mother's 80th birthday.  We are celebrating with a little soiree at her place - hors d'oeuvres, champagne, cake.  Just like that.

I am the head of the planning committee,  and also doing a lot of the things that I, the head of the planning committee am delegating to me, the busiest member of the planning committee.  So, yeah.

I sent out invitations to three neighbors that she has known and loved these many years.  I believe they are all familiar with her memory loss, and so hopefully she won't ask any of them how their husbands are (dead, dead, and dead), but if she does, grant them the serenity to let it go.

The rest of the contingent is family, or blended family (her boyfriend's people), and of course they all know what we're dealing with.   

I still have a few questions.  What is the weather going to do?  Will the back porch be too cold to serve drinks from?  What is Mom going to wear?  What am I going to wear?  Am I making the right decision with the cake?

Here's the whole cake kerfuffle.  Traditionally, Mom's cake is yellow with caramel icing from Rhodes Bakery.  Which is great - though a little uneven occasionally.  As caramel icing can be.  But rock on, Rhodes.  Your cheese straws are flawless - I can overlook a little grainy caramel or dryish cake.

In the past few years, Mom has been given a black forest cake from some bakery in Marietta.  Now, the claim is, it's "everyone's favorite", and "the best" -  but I feel like my mother has been coerced into the black forest cake.  I'm not a fan because I find the tart and/or alcohol infused filling a bit off-putting. But that's me and my opinion.  Last year, I brought her a cake from Baked on 8th - the classic - a yellow cake, chocolate icing.  And it was quite good - but messy to cut, as round cakes are.

Rhodes Bakery Caramel Cakes - also available in round.

Baked on 8th Cake - excellence in cake form

Bernhard's Black Forest Cake - it's fine - but this is for a birthday, not a kaffeeklatsch.

Also my opinion - hard to go wrong at a celebration when sheet cake shows up.  And for choice, Publix yellow cake with fudge icing.  That it happens to be my favorite cake is, of course, not lost on me.  But as birthday cakes go, it's a classic.  It doesn't hurt that Publix is everywhere - I can think of at least three within ten minutes of her.  Whereas Marietta is a bit of a slog, and Rhodes isn't much easier. 

So, after talking to Mom, with perhaps, a little influence, we have settled on the sheet cake.  I know, I know.  But nobody hates a sheet cake, and if they do - then they can schlep to the bakery and get whatever they think is appropriate.  I will get Mom her caramel cake for Mother's Day.

That sounds ungracious.  Honestly, my battery is running a little low these days.  I'm not sleeping well.  Hard to shut my little lizard brain off every night.  Also, when it's pollen season, I have to fight my sleep apnea machine a little harder - these are the times that try mens' souls.  

But in addition to that, there's a lot going on around me - a lot of energy that I seem to be taking in, and to an extent, taking on.  

I know every woo-woo lady and her sister claim to be empaths, but I do think I have the empathic tendencies.  Here's what makes me think that.  People tell me everything.  I get constant TMI.  I know way too much about way too many.

But I guess I lay my life out here for y'all, so - fair is fair.

Anyway - that's what's going on here and now.  I am not complaining - let me be very clear - life is good, spring is nearly here, and I am here for it!

Now, we just have to get through the birthday party, and then of course, an April wedding - then I should have a few weekends to play.  I want to go to the zoo.  Among other things.

But first... cake.

And an 80 year old mother.



Christopher said…
If your mother likes the cake you've picked--and, hey, sheet cake is a good choice from both a taste and practical standpoint, especially for a pretty big gathering--that's what matters. It sounds like a wonderful choice to me.
I hope your mother enjoys her 80th. I would say tell her happy birthday but, yeah, I just really hope she has one.