So, we found out last week for real-real that they are closing the Nashville office in October, at which point, I will be a remote employee.  Short of moving to Chattanooga (highly improbable), my options are take it or leave it.

I'm taking it.  Although, for the moment, I'm not taking it well.  Looks like I'll be storing my dining room table - the one I designed with Dad - and he gifted me for Christmas.  It's made from reclaimed barn wood, and makes an excellent table for dining, but not for working.   So, my beautiful table has to go - to the attic, maybe the basement - to be determined.  

The rest can stay, well, minus the wine rack and any other spirits we have in there.  And there are a few.  The china cabinet will become storage for office supplies.  There's a spare chair for visitors, though I won't have any - I'll also have to remove the surplus dining room chairs.  Another gift from my parents, the year after the table.  

How work/life balance affirming! 

At some point, I may try and make an office up in the attic - it's hot in the summer, cold in winter - but for the six weeks of temperate weather in Nashville, there's not a better place to kill a few hours.  I remember one spring, I went up there, laid on the bed under a pile of clothes and let my anxiety about my job (two jobs ago) wash over me like a wave of pure dread.  I left that job not long after.

Good times!

I seem to have worked my way through denial, bargaining, and most of anger.  At this point, I'm ready to take on depression and acceptance.  

But you know, extroverts gotta extro.  So, I'm going to have to find a way for my days to include human interaction.  Even if it means I walk to a coffee shop every day.  Even though I don't really drink coffee. 

Something.  I'll figure it out.

And, I have  a few months to get it all sorted.  Anything can happen in a six month timespan.  We could have another pandemic that can only be cured by being around other people.  Wouldn't that be a hoot? 

Unlikely, but a hoot.

The other thing that's on my mind - only less so, is Mom's 80th birthday.  We need to come up with a guest list and some ideas for hors d'oeuvres. The plan is a cocktail party that includes cake and champagne.

Really, this is mostly an excuse for me to daydream about cake.  There was a time when her cake of choice was a caramel cake from Rhodes Bakery.  At some point, her boyfriend got her into the very German Black Forest Cake.  Once you go Black Forest, apparently.

Speaking of German, there's always a German Chocolate Cake - not from Germany at all, which isn't really germane.

If we're having a crowd, hard to go wrong with a sheet cake from Publix.  Or if not a crowd, one of their smaller cakes - the Berry Chantilly perhaps.

Anyway - I like cake - that's the basis of this conversation.  Honestly, even our friends at Pepperidge Farm make a great frozen cake - Coconut, Fudge... all winners.  


They make good cookies, too.  Brussels are their best.

Clearly, I need to make and eat dinner.  That's my next priority.  Thank heavens the depression has not adversely affected my appetite.

Hang in there, friends.