Lots to unpack here.  It's just a time of year with a lot of activity going on.

First things first, my request to have my parking ticket dropped was denied, as I figured it would be.  I'm going to pay it, call it my idiot tax, and keep on keeping on.  That said, the fine people at Metropolis Parking can go park themselves.

Next. I am trying to avoid sweets as best I can.  The easiest way is to remove it from my home.  At the moment, we have a few jelly beans at the house - and that's it.  That said, there are M&Ms for sale in the breakroom, and I would break into those in a heartbeat.  But, I won't.  Not for now.  The secret, I think, is to tell myself I can have sweets if I want them - and right now, I don't.  So it's a "not now" mentality.  Delay that gratification, and hold out for the thing you really, really want.  Like, a brownie from a box mix, provided the person who made it didn't use the "cake like" instructions.  Bastards.

Now, fruit?  I'm all over the fruit.  Right now, it's sumo orange time.  Technically, according to Mom's boyfriend, they're a tangerine/orange hybrid that took over 30 years to develop.  Worth it.

They are also stupidly expensive. Worth it.  What I love most about them though is that they are so easy to peel.  They're seasonal - I have maybe three or four more weeks of these lovelies, and so for a short window, I'm happy to overspend on them.

Toby Keith died earlier this week - and there's a ton of press about it.  Good, and bad.  To be fair, his politics and mine are not similar.  But I was reading his obit, and a list of his famous songs, and weirdly, I knew a lot of them.

I listened to country music starting the summer before college, then while in college, and for a short time after college.  So, I know 90s country.  I also know some of the classics because Willie and Patsy and Hank Sr. are all amazing.  Also, I live in Nashville, so I learned some by osmosis.  

Anyway it turns out I'm kind of a Toby Keith fan?  Huh. 

Now, at Christmas, Matt gave me a DVD of a show from the early 2000s called Wonder Showzen.  Apologies if  I have mentioned it before.  But on one of their episodes, they did a Hee Haw parody called Horse Apples, and in it, there was a country singer by the name Koby Teeth.

And here's a video of that:

Meanwhile, the weather here is amazing.  We're expecting some rain soon - but that's not a bad thing.  Superb Owl is this weekend, and I think we're going to a party.  Woo hoo!!!

There's just a lot going on out there.  And I feel overwhelmed by it, but I remember I've done more with less  - so this is just a cake walk.

Sans cake, because, trying to cut back on the sugar.

So, you know - it's a walk.



Christopher said…
I'm sorry you had to pay the Idiot Tax for the parking. I was afraid that one wasn't going to work out. I made that mistake in the parking lot next to the Belcourt once. I took my ticket into the Belcourt and explained that I'd come to see a movie and didn't see the pay-to-park kiosk in the lot. The extremely nice person I talked to was so apologetic even though it was my fault, not theirs, and they took the ticket and said, "We'll take care of this." I'll never do that again because, while I'm grateful to the Belcourt employee, I feel guilty that they had to fix my mistake.
Also I've never had a sumo orange. There's another mistake I need to fix.