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So, we started a new class at work this week - a big one, and there have been a large handful of technology and human complications.  It has me feeling really anxious.  And I'm not even the facilitator - I'm just back-up.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Had a terrific Super Bowl experience.  We went to some friends I made through Matt - he made them through work.  They are about ten years older than us, but similar in temperament and ideology.  Plus, they were making Italian Beef sandwiches, so...

I made a few chocolate chess pies (one of the host's favorites) and we watched some football - and some golf - sports are sports, yes?  It was a great evening.  Interesting people there - several work or worked in news.  Matt and one of the guys had worked at the same station in Chattanooga a few years apart and had fun talking about people they knew in common.  I talked with one of them about the Elvis Costello song Alison, and shows we've seen here in town, and whether he enjoyed interviewing Toby Keith (he did).

I made some new pals, I had fun doing it, and one of the teams wearing red won the game.  The commercials were, for the most part, lame - in my opinion. I still love the ad from 2020, courtesy of Snickers where they postulated that the planet Earth was merely hangry, and could fixed by being fed a Snickers bar.

So they dug a huge hole and filled it with a giant Snickers bar.

As someone who loves a good Snickers bar, I have to give that one a thumbs up.

Anyway, now that the Super Bowl is over, Fat Tuesday is over.  Matt's sister once bought me a shirt from a bar in Mexico called Fat Tuesday's.  I wore it to my Weight Watchers weigh-ins, which were, as you might have guessed, on Tuesdays.

These days, I don't Weight Watch(er).  I get on the scale from time to time throughout the week, but certain every Weighinsday - which, you guessed it, happens on Wednesdays.

I have cut way, way back on sugar, and the results speak for themselves.  Granted, they speak quietly.  I've dropped maybe four or five pounds this month.  I don't know.  I'd like to go harder core, but really, I can't handle being constantly hungry.  I am eating better, but it's not calorie restriction -it's making better decisions.  Maybe that will be enough.  Point being, Wednesday was Valentines Day.  I celebrated by not doing anything.  It works for me.

Thursday, we voted for the Super Tuesday Primary.  That's weeks away, but early voting is just so dadgum easy, why wouldn't we?

And now, TGIF.  I am heading out in the morning to see my mother - my sister is also visiting her.  I'm sure it'll be fun.

Then Tuesday, I head home, by way of Chattanooga for a meeting.  Pretty stoked about that.  All of it.

And before we know it, we're in March, and that's as should be.

Where are the snows of yesteryear?



Christopher said…
The commercials are the only reason I even tune in to the Super Bowl anymore, and the only standout, I think, was the Christopher Walken commercial which several friends told me was hilarious. I found it only mildly amusing but I'm glad others enjoyed it. I also feel bad for my sister-in-law who's a really big fan of the team that didn't win.
Anyway, slow and steady wins the race, right? Making good decisions is the way to go, I think--especially when they're incremented gradually. And speaking of winning races I really need to vote. Early voting is so easy there's no excuse, and it gives me a chance to drop in at the library.