This could be...

 Ok, folks - real quick up late update.  I will be 49 in two days.  Which means I need to be the best version of 48 for roughly 48 more hours.

More Nick, More Eddie.

This past year has been a real hassle, man.

In the coming year, I want to be more and less.

More fun.  Less anxious.  More healthy food, less sugar.  Less salt, less weight.  More hair (growing it out), more glasses (I like the variety).

Less spending.  Less fuss.  Less waste.  Less noise.

More writing, more imagination, more creativity.

Less dread.  More joy.

Less last minute, more prepared.

More proactive, less scattered.

More space.  More time.

Less regret.  Less fear.

More self-care, more self-esteem.

Less self-deprecation, less second-guessing.

No more, no less.



Christopher said…
These are fantastic resolutions, and I use that word very deliberately because resolutions are something we usually come up with on New Year's, but, really, what better time for a resolution than your birthday? It's so much more personal, more meaningful. And it's easier to break a New Year's resolution because everybody breaks 'em.
Here's to a happy birthday and all your resolutions coming true in less than forty-eight hours and counting.