Sugar Coated

So, today is one of the happiest of days - Halloween.

My parents brought me home from the hospital on Halloween - trick, obvs.  So it's a special day for that reason.  But it's just a marvelous day in general.

There's candy, and novelty music, and you get to be someone or something you're not for a day.  What's not to love?

Well, the thing about most of the workforce being remote with my company is that it's not the event it was pre-covid.  In fact, it's not really and event at all. There may have been eight people in the office today, total.  Which is about normal.  Wednesdays are our high traffic days - and the fact that it's Halloween had anyone with kids at home today.

Anyway, I didn't let that stop me.

But in order for today to make sense, let me dial it back to Friday.  

Around lunchtime Friday, a deer tried to butt his way into our offices, by way of a window.  Realistically, he probably saw his own reflection and tried to fight it.  It cracked the window.  The buck left the scene, and due to the absence of blood, we feel he was unharmed.  Maybe a headache.

Honestly, it was the most excitement we've had around here in a long time.  Granted, we get pretty excited about far less.  Like our turkeys that hang around.

Anyway, from that, we arrive at today.

I hadn't really planned to do anything about Halloween here.  Maybe pick up some cupcakes, or something - but even that was a stretch - I've been eating plenty of sweets this past week - I need to cut back.  So, there's that.

But sometimes, the universe hands you a suggestion that can't be ignored.

And that's why today, I went to work dressed as the deer who tried to bust into our office:

The makeup is way gorier looking IRL.

Now, here's the thing.  Of the eight people there today - and eight may be a generous estimate - there are two who were there with me last Friday, on the day of the incident.

So the other few I saw roaming the halls either know me, know I'm crazy and are just resigned to it, and the ones who don't know me are probably concerned.

But I got the security guy to laugh.  I'm not sure he laughs much, but it was gratifying.

And I got the facilities guy to laugh - he laughs often, but he is one of my favorites, so I want to amuse him especially. 

Look, it was $10 antlers on Amazon, $1 in grease paint from Walmart - and I can reuse the antlers for Christmas.  Or, if we want to do some predator/prey stuff around the house some weekend.  Whatever.  It's an investment in a few smiles.  Many of them are mine.

Whatever you did or have planned to do this Halloween, let it make you happy.  Have a Twix for me.  Or whatever.  I like pretty much all of it.


Christopher said…
That was fantastic. I wish you worked in my office. Or I worked in your office. One of those things. People were telling me, "You should dress up for Halloween!" But I only come in on Mondays. They said, "Dress up anyway, even if it's just for the day before! It'll be fun!" No one else was dressing up, though, and there was no party--even before Covid the parties had ended--and I didn't see anyone anyway.
But several of my neighbors blocked off our street for two hours last night and kids and adults wandered up and down, many, I learned, from different streets, and I put out a big bowl of candy and stickers and microwave popcorn packages, which all disappeared. I walked up and down the street and saw some great costumes and ate too much candy and got to know some neighbors who had to explain to the kids that the Jell-o shots were for adults only.
So it was a happy day.